The Impact of Using Gadgets During Mealtime


One of the best times that you can enjoy with your family is during meal time. Aside from sharing sumptuous meals or even just a simple dish, you get to interact with every family member present in that moment. You share stories like how your day has been, your concerns with the family, and anything under the sun. The Impact of Using Gadgets During Mealtime

But sadly nowadays as technology like smartphones, tablets and the likes became part of human lives, human lifestyle, communication and relationships were compromised. Let’s admit it. Almost everyone already has a smartphone not only adults but even kids. A lot of kids don’t play in the streets anymore playing Piko, Tumbang preso, Langit-Lupa, Agawan Base, which I used to play when I was still a kid. Older adults on the other hand does the same, spending a lot of their time on social media, texting, browsing, or making a call. Unfortunately, these habits became the norm which I know you can observe as well whether in your own home, in the restaurants and other public places.

Saw Mommy Ginger’s video in Facebook(and ooooh! I am salivating for that fried chicken coated with Crispy Fry breading!). I totally agree with her. That gadgets should be off-limits during mealtime because it leads to splitting of attention. Aside from the issue of gadget etiquette, it is also more about human connection which is much important especially in families.

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According to studies, mealtimes provide an opportunity for social activity and emotional connection. Lately, my family and I practice a gadget-free mealtime. And I love it. It made me feel a lot closer to them. We are more bonded. And it was fun everytime, from cooking our meals to finishing the meals up. We practice this as much as possible even when we are dining out. Aside from foodtrip, we also do activities together which promotes interaction like board games and charades. When we have time, we go out town or out of the country as well.

So how about you? What’s your mealtime story? Share away your gadget-free bonding experience with your whole fambam!


Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/