realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review

I know you would agree with me. Listening to music or watching movies is more entertaining and enjoyable when it is played through a reliable audio device that has good quality audio, specifically, with wide dynamic range and good bass output. It just adds up to the total listening experience.

Good quality audio. This is what realme, the no. 1 smartphone brand in the country, wants to provide to every Filipino when it comes to their AIoT audio devices. As the brand continues to strengthen and expand its AIoT portfolio within the #realmeTechLife ecosystem, realme officially launched a new portable audio device… a “Pure Bass Powerhouse”, the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.

I’m so excited to share with you my hands-on review and show you what this newest AIoT device from realme is offering. Let’s start?


realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

Same with other realme AIoT and smartphone devices, the box packaging has realme’s signature golden yellow color with a minimalist look. Product image and product name in front, realme brand name on both sides. At the bottom, you can see the  highlighted features including other important details such as IMEI, model number, NTC certification, etc.


realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

  • realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker
  • Type-C charging cable<
  • User manual/Warranty Card

DESIGNrealme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

realme is always known for products that has trendsetting designs. Where style meets functionality. That reflects on the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.  The product name speaks for itself. The speaker is round in shape just like a cobble with smooth lines and no edges. It has a matte rubber finish all over the sides down to the base which makes it easy to grip and put on surfaces without slipping or sliding/moving when being used.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

Another thing that I like about this bluetooth speaker is its portability. Weighing only 200 grams, you can easily clip it to your bag or hang it anywhere.

If you would explore more on the design, Multifunction Button can be seen on the bottom side alongside with the Power button and LED Light indicator. On the left side you’ll find the Type-C charging port and the lanyard on the opposite side.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is available in 2 colors. Metal Black and Electric Blue. Metal black, like the one that I have is just plain black. It has the realme brand visible in the middle of the speaker grille. On the other hand, the Electric Blue design has a more trendy and eye-catching graffiti pattern plus a lanyard that has a luminous effect which is visible in the dark. Sadly, the black one does not have this kind of lanyard.


realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

Press and hold power button to reset to factory settings

Pairing the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker with your smartphone or laptop is easy as 1-2-3.  Just press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the device, then press the multi-function button(M) for 3 seconds to enter the pairing mode(white LED indicator light blinks while waiting to be paired). Make sure that your device’s bluetooth is on. Your device should detect the speaker right away. Once detected, choose the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker from the available devices. There will be a pop-up notification- press “Pair”.

*** If your device cannot detect your realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker while in pairing mode,  press “refresh” on available devices. If it still cannot detect, turn off the speaker, turn it on again and repeat the whole process.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review

The speaker automatically connects to paired device once you turn it on.

When the Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is already paired with your device(white LED indicator light constantly on) , it will also reflect on the realme Link App. Inside the app, you can easily customize your multifunction button settings, choose Sound effects, turn on game mode, activate stereo mode and more.

The speaker is also equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 which maintains a stable connection even when there’s multiple devices around. Sound quality is still ok even at 10 meters distance from the audio source device.


realme will not call the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker “Pure Bass Powerhouse” for nothing.  The speaker supports significantly higher loudness compared to competing devices under a variety of audio frequencies, especially in terms of bass. I Thanks to the 5W Dynamic Bass Boost Driver, users will be able to enjoy clear music even when outdoors. When used indoors and considering the size of this speaker, I’m really impressed  how it can produce high sound volume. I tested this. Placed the Cobble Bluetooth Speaker on our living room(1st floor) and I went to the 3rd floor and I can still hear minimal music from the speaker. 

Not just that, there are a couple more bass features that this speaker have. The realme’s Bass Boost+ audio technology, a sound enhancement solution which fully leverages the power of the large dynamic driver to deliver a bass experience and making sounds truly alive.

Lastly, a passive radiator which creates that ever-popular bass effect. The reason it’s called a “passive” radiator because it’s not powered by electricity, but by the air pressure created by the smaller speaker cones that receive all power from the battery or AC source. Now users can get a whole lot of “extra oomph”,  creating that lovely bass effect that users can enjoy.

I tested the bass sound output via paper test just to give you a glimpse how powerful realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker bass is. Check out the video above. In actual, you would really feel the speaker and it’s surrounding area vibrating. The bass is actually good and sound quality is ok for its price point. Though I noticed that there were times that the bass overpowers other audio elements and vocals, and separation of musical accompaniments kinda lacks, which affects the audio clarity. Then again, overall, it is still a good speaker and delivers nice audio output that you will enjoy.

The cobble speaker comes in three equalizer presets:  Bright Mode with the least bass sound, Dynamic Mode for moderate to above average bass sound, and the Bass Mode if you want that extra heart-thumping base output. Among the three, I like the Dynamic Mode the most because the bass is just right and fits mostly to the movies and music that i’m watching and listening.

Mobile gaming is more fun when you have that pump-up music coming out from the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker. It has a Game Mode that most speakers of its kind do not have. It has ultra low latency reaching 88ms, where audio and video output are almost in sync- you wouldn’t notice the latency at all. You can also enjoy using this mode for watching movies.

One of the best feature that I like about this AIoT audio product is that it is IPX5 water resistant. You don’t have to worry from accidental spills and water splashes, wind, and other general wear and tear. Rain or shine, the device will remain reliable and safe.

Of course I got really curious and have to prove that it is really water resistant. So I did my own water splash test(Watch video above). And after several splashes, Yes! it is still working perfectly and did not affect the audio quality!.

realme ensures durability and reliability of the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speakers as they put it through 5000 charging port plug in/plug out tests, 10,000 button press tests, and 168 hours of testing in 50°C/RH95% high temperature and high humidity scenarios.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

Another cool feature of this speaker is the 2-Speaker Stereo Pair, where you can pair two realme Cobble Bluetooth Speakers together by controlling the speaker’s multifunction button or set it up in the realme LinkApp for the supreme audio experience. Enjoy advanced stereo sound anytime, anywhere. I was not able to test this feature because I only have one speaker, but it’s great to know that this feature is doable.


realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!


The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker  is powered by a 1500mAh large-capacity battery which can lasts up to 9 hours off a full charge. (Total playtime varies depending on volume and audio content). Charging time to full charge took about 2.5hours. You may use a realme charger or connect it to a powerbank using the type-C cable included in the package.realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Review: Enhanced Sound, Better Listening Experience!

The battery life of this speaker device is really impressive. I started using it at 12:50PM at 100%, watched movies, played music via streaming non-stop. I check the battery level again in the realme link app at 5:29PM, it is only at 70%. Imagine, almost 5 hours of non-stop usage and it only consumed 30% of the battery’s power. Very efficient right? With my usage, for sure it could go beyond 9 hours! Now I can enjoy music without having to stress myself from charging from time to time.


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The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is now available for only P1,590! And here’s a good news for you…As an early-bird offer, you may get it for only Php 1,190 (Php 400 OFF) at the Shopee and Lazada 8.8 Sale.


Is realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker worth buying? If you like an affordable, portable bluetooth speaker with trendsetting design that you can bring everywhere you go, good bass output with average audio quality,  long battery life, customizable audio settings, and is water resistant, then this speaker is something you should consider buying. It’s definitely worth your money.


realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications:

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