realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

realme robot vacuum review

We all know the realme brand as one of initiator when it comes to smartphone and AIoT innovations. As realme continues to strengthen and expand its AIoT portfolio within the TechLife ecosystem, here’s another reliable and top-notched AIoT device technology from realme. Your smart partner that will surely make your life easier when it comes to cleaning your home. Check out the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.

In this blog, I will share with you what realme TechLife Robot Vacuum can do. Its design, features and functions, my impression based on usage, and of course how much it would cost. Let’s start.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum external packaging comes in a brown carton box. When you open it, it would reveal the premium-looking main white box packaging with product photo/name on front, realme TechLife logo on both sides, and specification highlights/other product details at the back.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

  • User Manual/ realme Link Connection Guide
  • Extra Filter
  • Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Side Brush (L) and Side Brush (R)
  • Charging Base
  • realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Unit


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

Design wise, the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum’s overall design looks high-end. The round-shaped housing has a diameter of 35 cm and is 10 cm high and is made mostly of hard plastic materials which I think looks durable enough to withstand constant bumping on surfaces. It feels slightly heavy too when being lifted as it weighs about 3.3kgs.

The front of the body is made of quality collision-resistant tempered glass, which ensures a higher level of durability than many plastic designs on the market.

The top surface part is made of scratch resistant glass-like material which made it more modern looking, although this is quite a fingerprint, smudge, and dirt magnet when being touched. If you noticed the round elevated part in the middle, that’s the LIDAR and LIDAR Collision detector sensor. When you flip the product over, you’ll see the main brush, side brush, cliff sensor, omni wheel, and charging contact.

The realme robot vacuum cleaner also houses a 600ml-capacity dust bin (with a replaceable filter attached to it) that is easy to remove and clean.


Just like other realme AIoT devices, setting up the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum and linking it to your smartphone is just easy. As always it is very user-friendly. Make sure that you have downloaded the realme Link App for easy access, configuration, and control of the robot vacuum. The whole process took only a few minutes and was really very simple.

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

The realme TechLIfe Robot Vacuum also works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

To set it up:

  • Open your realme Link App and click the (+) icon at the top right corner to add the device.  
  • Choose Home.
  • Then choose realme TechLife Robot Vacuum and tap Got it.
  • Choose the wifi network to connect the device to( make sure that your smartphone’s wi-fi and your wi-fi router at home or office are turned on).
  • Turn on the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.
  • Press the recharge and power button at the same time and hold it for 3 seconds until you hear a voice prompt then release. You’ll see the orange indicator light flashing. This means that the device has entered network connection standby mode.
  • On your realme Link App tap next.
  • Scan for devices and wait until the scan is finished, once detected, tap the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.
  • Go to settings>wifi> choose the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.
  • After the connection is established, go back to the realme Link App.

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have


  • The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum will begin to connect to a network.
  • After successful pairing, you can rename device.
  • That’s it! you can enjoy using the robot vacuum to your convenience 😊.

Here’s a short video to give you a glimpse on how this cool smart vacuum works.


1. LiDAR Smart Mapping & Navigation System

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

At present, most cleaning robots in the market use Inertial Navigation, Camera Visual Navigation, or LIDAR Smart Navigation Systems. With Inertial Navigation, it uses a built-in gyroscope and such systems are prone to repeat cleaning, missing areas during scanning, unclear planning, and other issues. Visual Navigation on the other hand, is camera-based and can be easily affected by light conditions. It is also poor in detecting boundaries, which leads to high collision rates.

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is equipped with the latest generation of LIDAR technologies. It can do precise mapping with 98% accuracy, laser scan up to 360° with 0.01㎡ zone identification and avoidance. The LIDAR Smart System is also capable of detecting elevation shifts like when passing on mats and carpets.

As the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum moves around your home or office, you can track it as it registers its location and pathway(mapping). It would reflect in the realme Link App. From there, you can save the map and use it again as cleaning route for that floor area/room on your next cleaning schedule.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

One of the best features of realme TechLife Robot Vacuum that I like is that it allows me to make customized cleaning plans based on my preference through the realme Link App. So, whenever i’m busy doing other things and don’t have time to sweep the floor, I can a set cleaning schedule for the robot vacuum in the app and it will automatically start cleaning based on the preset time. On the other hand, if want some quiet time, i’ll just put it on “Do not disturb mode”  and the robot vacuum will turn off the voice prompt.

In one tap, I can control the robot vacuum to start/pause cleaning, adjust its suction power, command the device to go back to the charging dock, change the mapping path(S-shaped/Y-Shaped), as well as other settings like merging, splitting, restricting, and naming different rooms.

Other general settings include Remote control, Cleaning history, Volume and Voice setup (Chinese, English female, english children), Consumables alert, and Find Robot just in case it gets misplaced.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

They are friends now 🤣

I’m just impressed with this kind of technology as to how it can detect obstacles and boundaries. Actually, when it went to the edge of the floor, I panicked a bit and run towards it😂. I though it would fall down the stairs. Did it fall? No it did not. It’s actually cleaning up to the edge and did not go futher.

realme robot vacuum sensors

What’s the technology behind it? a total of 38 sensors which includes Cliff Sensors, TOF Wall Sensors, Obstacle Detection Sensors and many more. These sensors make the realme robot vacuum more sensitive and perceptive of its surroundings to effectively avoid getting jammed or stuck up under the furniture as it can automatically detect the gap height. It also has  sensors to monitor its internal condition. So when there’s any fault, it will send out an immediate alert.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

I tested how powerful the vacuum is and placed different samples on the floor(tissue, Chia seeds, dog’s fur, sesame seed). Look! this smart cleaning device can really suck up dirt in any form. Thanks to its Ultimate Suction feature where I  can adjust the suction power to different modes such as follows:

  • Silent: 500 Pa
  • Normal: 1.200 Pa
  • Turbo: 2.500 Pa
  • Maximum: 3.000 Pa

Note: The higher the suction power, the noisier it will be. 

I like using the Turbo and Maximum mode because it can suck more dirt and pet hair. There are some left on the floor since the side brushes kinda scattered them a bit which is understandable. After about  2-4 rounds of sweeping, it almost got everything that was left.

I notice though that after some time, the side brushes got a bit bended and slightly twisted and I saw some trapped dog and human hair on the main brush. But don’t worry, because realme has a cleaning brush included in the box package to help remove those.

Another thing, this robot vacuum can adjust its cleaning setting based on surfaces like carpets or wall edges. The unit automatically  reduce its navigation speed and boost its vacuum power to ensure the deepest clean possible.

Oh!Did you know that this smart device has a Mop function? Yes! there is! There are 3 cleaning modes you can choose from: 1. Mop, 2. Vacuum, 3. Vacuum & mop. Although you need to purchase the 2-in-1 (350mL dust bin/300ml water tank) separately because it is not included in the box package. It will be available starting on November 15, 2021.


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: A Smart Home Cleaning System Must-Have

With a 5200mAh large battery capacity, you can use this robot vacuum a lot in one single charge. Charging it to full takes about 2 hours. I monitored my usage for 21 mins of cleaning ,using Maximum suction power and 16m2 floor area coverage, it used up 16% of its battery charge(see photo above) It will be less if you will use lower suction power.

When it’s done cleaning, the robot vacuum will find it way back to the charging dock automatically and recharge itself. Make sure that your charging dock is plugged in because if it is not, the robot vacuum will fail to dock and will not find it. Honestly, it is so fun to watch the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum go back to its charging dock, it’s like a car parking on a parking space. It’s amazing.


Ok. I know you will ask this. How much? You can enjoy the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum for SRP P16,990. And here’s a good news, starting October 22, you can get this newest AIot device for only P13,990 (P3,000 discount) on realme’s official store in Lazada & Shopee. It is also now available in realme authorized stores nationwide.


For busy people like me, the realme TechLife Robot vacuum is a big help when it comes to cleaning the floors. Like I mentioned earlier, all you need is to set a cleaning time schedule and it will clean automatically on the time being set.It may have some limitations such as cleaning the corner areas and cannot pass under some very low level furnitures, but still, it can pick up lots of dirt, human/pet hair, and other very small items especially when you use the maximum suction power.

What I love more about it is that it is so easy to use and operate through the realme Link app. The robot actually does every command real-time. The versatility of this device is really exceptional as you can use its mop function(you just have to buy it separately though) to further clean your floor.

Is it worth buying? Yes, if you really want convenience and to save time. Plus it’s a very cool home cleaning gadget to have! ☺️


realme TechLife Robot Vacuum FULL SPECIFICTAIONS







Water tank capacity

(The 2-in-1 dust bin & water tank is included in Mopping Kit Package, which needs to be purchased separately)

Dust Bin 350mL + Water Tank 300mL

Dust Bin Capacity


Cleaning Modes

Vacuum, Mop, Mop & Vacuum

Water Level

Dry, Minimum, Normal, Maximum

Suction power

500Pa (Quiet);1200Pa(Normal) ; 2500Pa(Turbo);3000Pa(Max)


<55dB(Vacuum Mode,Quiet)

Battery capacity


Adaptor Output

20V 1A

Charging time


Size of Charging Base


Packing List

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum *1

Charging Base *1

Adaptor *1

Side Brush *2

Cleaning Brush *1

User Manual *1

APP Connection Guide *1

Mopping Kit

(Needs to be purchased separately)

Detachable 2-in-1 Water Tank*1

Washable Mop Pad*2

Disposable Mop Pad*10




Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator