The New Look of REDFOX Technologies

Redfox red Transformation

Just recently, REDFOX Philippines launched their company’s newest brand identity revealing their newest logo design together with their new“Luxury within Reach” tagline.

Redfox Logo new

From being a PC manufacturing company to becoming a provider of end-to-end solutions and globally-acclaimed products such as laptops, gaming PCs, and other peripherals, the brand aims to provide the finest and luxurious commercial products that exude confidence and sophistication at a reachable cost. Plus offering the best customer service and satisfaction.

REDFOX Technologies Laptops

As the brand continues to develop, it formed new sub-companies to provide high-quality products which delivers all the hardware and software resources, engaging from conceptualization, to production, and up to the distribution of the finish product.

The said sub-companies are Redfox Laboratory International Ltd., a company that puts effort on the Research and Development (R&D) of Redfox products, with offices in Shenzhen China, Hong Kong  (hardware), and Philippines (software); A.L.e-Component Int’l. Inc., a company based in Cavite, Philippines, focusing on the brand’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS); Asiantech, a company also based in the Philippines that focuses on the distribution, logistic and warehousing of Redfox; and Wiz Store, Redfox’s concept store, catering to retailers and kiosks, with two (2) branches located at SM North and SM Marikina.

REDFOX Aurea front

REDFOX Aurea back

On the other hand, look who’s stepping in to the smartphone market? Redfox patrons and consumers will also get a treat, as the brand plans to do mall road tours to promote its first ever luxurious smartphone called “Aurea.” The Redfox Aurea is set to position itself as the brand’s latest flagship smartphone.

As a company currently positioned in the market as an original equipment and design manufacturer,the brand is determined to step up its game and position itself as an Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM), catering to the upper and middle class customers, as well as millennials, here and abroad. And to better serve its consumers and users, the brand is also building a global RMA and nationwide service center that will provide customer support 24/7. Wow. That’s pretty cool.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/