Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

After releasing a new series of smartphones in the Philippine market(realme 6 Pro, 6 and 6i), realme Philippines just keeps the ball rolling by launching more tech lifestyle companions under their Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) product linethe realme Buds Air Neo, realme PowerBank 2, and realme Adventurer Backpack. 

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

In this blog, I’m excited to share with you my initial thoughts about realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 and how these new gadgets can complement our digital lifestyle. So let’s start?

realme PowerBank 2

Who wouldn’t need a powerbank nowadays right? Since each one of us has one or more mobile gadgets may it be a smartphone, fitness watch, camera, etc., then bringing a powerbank is a must and would come in handy just in case our gadget’s power runs out.

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

realme PowerBank 2 comes in a golden yellow-colored box which is realme’s signature color hue and look. Inside the box comes the following:

  • Real me PowerBank 2 unit.
  • 2-Way USB Cable.(micro-USB and Type-C)
  • User Manual.

I like the design and feel of this powerbank. The golden yellow color is vibrant which exudes a very youthful vibe(also available in Black color). Externally, it has an embossed micro stripes pattern design which gives a non-slippery texture well enough for proper gripping.

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

realme PowerBank 2 is packed with high density 10,000mAh Lithium-polymer battery, and could charge up your smartphone for about 2-3 times or maybe 4, depending on your gadget/smartphone’s battery size. It also has a 4-dot light indicator to know the remaining power level.

Compared to other powerbanks with 10,000mAh capacity, the realme PowerBank 2 is surprisingly lighter weighing only 216g and has a slim built so you can comfortably carry it anywhere.

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

One of the features that I like about this powerbank is the charging speed. That is because of the 18W Quick Charge support which can charge up your smartphone faster than usual.

realme PowerBank 2 has the capacity to charge two(2) gadgets at the same time via the Type-A and Type-C USB dual-cable included in the package. And since the cable is already in dual form, you don’t need to bring an extra cable anymore. I just wish that the length of the cable included is longer.

For devices with low-current requirements like smart bands, Buds Air, etc., this realme powerbank provides safe charging speeds (Just double tap the power button to activate).

This powerbank is also equipped with 12 layers of circuit protection to prevent over voltage, short circuit, and other untoward electrical-releted circumsatances. Knowing these things surely made me feel safe, but of course I will not recommend that you will let and leave your smartphone and powerbank being charged overnight or more than its recommended charging time.

Based on my experience with other powerbanks, after quite some time, I can already notice some battery degradation. As for realme PowerBank 2, the brand claims that even after 500 charging cycles, it can still retain its battery capacity. WOW! This I still need to find out in the near future after I reach the 500th charging cycle.

HOW MUCH? realme PowerBank 2 is priced at Php1,190. 

 realme Buds Air Neo

Finally, I got this newest AIoT device… the realme Buds Air Neo(thank you realme Philippines! ❤️). Since I love watching movies and playing games on my realme 5 Pro smartphone, this wireless buds can really amp up my whole smartphone experience. As you read further, you’ll know more about this interesting gadget from realme.
Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

What’s inside the box?

  • Buds Air Neo Charger unit (ear buds docked inside).
  • Micro-USB charging cable.
  • User Guide manual.
  • Charging/Care Tips leaflet.

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

Wow! When I first saw the realme Buds Air Neo, I was pretty amazed on how the charging case and earbuds looked like. It has a smooth and glossy finish which actually resembles to a product of a certain high-end brand 🍎. The size is small enough and its weight is very light to carry anywhere.

I’m just happy that they adapted this type of wireless earbuds and not the earphone type(the one with cushion). I don’t know, but I find the earphone type very uncomfortable to wear. But with realme Buds Air Neo, I can easily wear them and it fits just right without the need to push it further in my ear. It can actually stay in place and does not fall off for most normal activities.

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

The charging box has a multi-function button( round-shape button below the green light) that you can use to  pair up your Buds Air Neo to any smartphone device. You can also use this button to reset the buds(Open the case and long press the button for 10 seconds ).

The indicator lamp indicates the following:

  • When you open the case and sees a steady Green Light, it means that the battery level of the charging case is above 20%.
  • Flasing Green Light means that the charging case’s battery level is below 20%.
  • Green Light Flashing also means that it is in pairing mode.


To charge the charging case, you may use the microUSB port located at the bottom of the device(micro USB charging cable included in the package). Charging may take about 1.5 hours to fill up the built-in 410mAh battery capacity.

To charge the Buds Air Neo earbuds(has 43mAh battery capacity  per earbud), simply place them back in the charging case to initiate automatic charging which can take about almost 40mins to get fully charged.

Buds Air Neo is a wireless device equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 and R1 chip, which makes the pairing  so fast, easy and stable. You can manually pair it by pressing the multi function button of the charging case for 3 seconds(make sure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on and the charging case is open). Another option is the realme Link App where you can customize and set up actions for its Intelligent touch controls, voice controls, and even upgrade the firmware. You can also connect it via Google fast pair.

Fast pairing.This I think is one of the best features of this device. Seconds after I opened the charging case to get the earpods, it was easily detected by my phone. Cool!

Your New Lifestyle Companions: realme Buds Air Neo and realme PowerBank 2 Review

I’m very much keen with sound quality especially when it comes to music, movies, and even games. Admit it, a good quality audio can really elevate the intensity of emotion when your are watching films, listening to feel-good music or playing games on your phone. It simply adds up to the enjoyment.

realme Buds Air Neo has the capacity to do that because it is equipped with 13mm Bass Boost Driver which unleashes true bass potential and powerful bass output. It also has a Super Low Latency 119.2ms Gaming Mode which can be activated by holding both sides of the earbuds. Wait until you hear a car engine sound. To deactivate, same step, but this time you’ll hear a musical sound.

With this mode is activated, it decreses latency by 51%.

realme buds air neo review Philippines

I put my Buds Air Neo to test and used it while playing Mobile Legends and watching movies. Surprisingly, it produces quality audio output. The bass is amazing, it has clear audible sounds, Though you will hear very minimal treble noise. But I think it varries depending on the audio file quality being uploaded by the source. I noticed that some has low to average audio output quality, while others were very good.

How long can it last? realme claims that the earbuds can last a total of 17 hours(if the charging case is in full charge). One single charging in the case can last 3 hours for music playback and 1.5 hours for calls. But during my actual usage, the earbuds(has 43mAh each earbud) only lasted for about 2 hours and 45 mins then I have to dock the earbuds again in the case to recharge it. This I think is quite a downside for this device, that you have to charge it several times a day(if continuous usage). But honestly, I really wouldn’t mind as long as it is functioning efficiently and can still deliver qood qulity audio. Plus I have my realmePowerBank 2 with me to charge it antime, anywhere. So need I say more?😊

The new realme Buds Air Neo is priced at PHP1,990. As of today, Pop White is the only color available, but realme will be releasing the Punk Green, and Rock Red soon. 

So what are you waiting for? don’t miss the chance to get your hands on and have these current AIoT devices. realme Buds Air Neo, Power Bank 2 and Adventure Backpack . Check them out in Lazada, Shopee, and all realme kiosks nationwide.

For more information and updates, follow the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of realme Philippines.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator