5 Epic Desserts You Have To Try This Year


It’s amazing how the world of desserts continuously create inventive delicacies for ultimate dessert devotees. Creatively crafting unbelievable flavors and unexpected combinations, there’s always something new to try!

And because there’s always room for dessert, here’s a list of excitingly sweet treats for you to enjoy this 2019!

1.Hokkaido Cheese Tart by Bake Cheese Tart


Photo Source: https://ph.cheesetart.com

Overflowing with dairy goodness in a deliciously flaky golden brown crust, the famous Hokkaido cheese tart is love at first bite.

Made from an exquisite blend of Hokkaido cheese, the filling has a perfect balance of creaminess, tartness, and an unexpected salty bite. But the filling is not just the start of the show, the crispy crust is also made to perfection by a distinct blend of flour and by using a unique baking method. Each tart is made fresh and absolutely addicting, you won’t be able to resist another one!

The original Bake Cheese Tart has branches at The Podium and Powerplant Mall.

2. Tiramisu Ice Cream by Kiss the Tiramisu


PHOTO SOURCE: www.facebook.com/kissthetiramisuph

Treat yourself like royalty and give your taste buds a delightful experience with Kiss the Tiramisu’s decadent tiramisu ice cream.

Specializing in tiramisu, the creative mind behind this dessert has innovatively created an exciting variation of the usual coffee cake and transformed it into a blissful masterpiece of creamy, mouthwatering ice cream with mascarpone cheese. Luscious layers of authentic Korean ingredients make this dessert absolutely worthy to be tried!

Adding more to its beautiful burst of flavors is the elegant acrylic goblet where its served. Which, by the way, you can take home as well!

There are four interesting flavors for you to choose from, the Classic Tiramisu, Matcha Tiramisu, Injeolmi Tiramisu, and the Midas Touch.

You can find this sweet treat at Three Central, Salcedo Village, Makati.

3. Matcha Float by Tsujiri


PHOTO SOURCE: http://ph.phonebooky.com

A true haven for Matcha enthusiasts, Tsujiri is the house of matcha infused desserts.

Tsujiri is an authentic Japanese brand from Kyoto, making its way to the adventurous flavor palette of the Filipinos. You’ll never go wrong with Tsujiri as they have been expertly serving the best quality green tea for over 155 years! They have perfected the technique on how to bring out the best aroma and flavor of green tea to ensure satisfaction of all Matcha lovers. 

They offer a delectable array of matcha desserts- from cakes to ice creams and pastries. But one of their most impressive creation is the Tsujiri float- literally the matcha lover’s dream dessert. A succulent combination of iced matcha topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. You can also add red bean balls or a gooey type of mochi called Shiratama. What a feast of sweet treats!

Tsujiri has certainly captured the hearts of the Filipinos as it has a lot of branches all over the Metro. You can find them at S Maison, The Podium, SM Aura, Vertis North, Greenbelt 5 and Rockwell.

4. Chocolate Dream Cake by Le Sucre Lab Chocolates

PHOTO SOURCE: @appetitemag

A sinful confection made of exquisite chocolate layers, topped with cocoa powder dusting, this dessert gives enough credence to its name, Chocolate Dream Cake.

Dressed in a beautiful copper tin can, this cake is not just a blissful feast in your mouth, but in your Instagram feed as well!

This showstopping cake is just six inches in diameter and two inches deep. But don’t let it’s size deceive you, this petite cake is filled with mouthwatering chocolate flavors and textures for an irresistible chocolate experience. Famous for its subtle sweetness and hints of bitter chocolate taste, you can finish one can on your own as every bite leads to another one!

You can check them on their Facebook page for inquiries and you may order in their walk-in store at Market Plaza Building, Sta Ana, Manila.

5. Bacon Brickle Rolled Ice Cream by Elait


PHOTO SOURCE: www.facebook.com/elaitph

Hands down to this fearless flavor combination of sweet and savory rich ice cream topped with pretzel, bacon, and caramel sauce.

What makes this even more worthy for your time is watching your ice cream dessert come to life in an artisanal masterpiece that tastes as good as it looks. Truly gives happiness in a cup!

Elait’s name was actually inspired by the word “Elate”, which means to make someone ecstatically happy and “Lait”, a French word for milk. A genius play of words for a genius ice cream dessert.

Elait is also actively supporting the Philippine Deaf Community by having deaf partners to serve you. There’s a guide posted in their store so you can conveniently order using basic sign language- giving you a new skill as well!

You can find Elait at Century City Mall, Makati.

If your taste buds haven’t landed yet on these amazing desserts, you’re missing a treat. So make sure to add these delectable desserts on your bucket list for 2019!

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com