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Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

Ramen is just perfect for the rainy weather that we’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks. -A hot and good ramen will surely make keep you warm and at the same time will make your tummy happy and full. Where else could you find a good ramen? You might  drop by at Ippudo SM Megamall branch where great selections of ramen and other Japanese dishes are being served.

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

If you happen to stroll around the 3rd floorat SM Megamall fashion hall, you may notice a restaurant where chairs and people are lined up outside  . When I first saw it, I was really curious. I said to myself “Hmmmm.. people are waiting and lining up just to eat to that restaurant, maybe it is really that good. Will try it soon”. So just recently, I was lucky enough to be invited and try Ippudo’s mouth-watering dishes.

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

Ippudo SM Megamall has great ambiance. The japanese-inspired interiors  and warm lights are very classy and elegant.  Even though the space  is quite small, you will not feel uncomfortable at all.

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks

Ippudo Megamall branch has an open kitchen where you can see how the kitchen staff prepare dishes ordered. With that, you can assure that all the food that will be served to you is properly cooked.

So, here’s what I had during my foodventure at Ippudo. Feast your eyes… You will drool!

Ippudo Ramen sidekicks8


Steamed bun with juicy braised pork belly and Ippudo’s original sauce.

Having tasted this dish is like eating an open siopao. But this one is much better in taste. I love how the pork was cooked. Tender and easy to chew.

 Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


Ippudo’s steamed bunwith glazed crunchy chicken fillet, shredded cabbage and japanese mayonaise.

I must say that this one is really good. I love the crispyness of the chicken and how the sauce blends well with it. Thumbs up!

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


IPPUDO’s original tonkotsu broth served with wavy thin noodles, pork belly, kikurage and spring onions. Special spicy miso with ground pork and fragrant garlic oil add kick to the senses.

I love my ramen spicy. So this one is the best suitable choice for my craving and it just hit the spot!. This ramen ha very rich flavors that will burst in your mouth with every bite and every sip of it’s broth. You can also choose additional ingredients for your Karaka-men:

*KARAKA TAMAGO P420 – Karaka-Men with salted sof-boiled egg.

*KARAKA CHASU P460 – Karaka-Men with simmered pork belly

*KARAKA SPECIAL P490 – Karaka-Men with salted soft-boiled egg, pork belly and seaweed.

Don’t get mixed up with the price. The Karaka-Men base price is P390 but if you choose to get the additional ingredients you’ll pay the additional. For example, I ordered the Karaka-Men then I decided to choose the KARAKA Special, I will pay a total of P490 for my ramen instead of P390.

You can choose the hardness of the noodles from soft to very hard. On my part, I chose the very hard as suggested by the staff. Well, don’t get scared to choose it because it is not really that hard. I believe it is just fine and it is the best choice of noodle hardness for your ramen.

On the other hand, Ippudo Philippines launches their newest side dishes which can be best to pair up with their amazing selections of ramens. These #RamenSidekicks will surely kick off a guaranteed flavorful taste making your ramen experience even better. Here they are…

 Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


Ippudo Philippines mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, shio tamago, and strips of crispy chicken skin with  shoyu dressing and mildly spicy mayo sauce.

I love this salad. Every ingredient blends and compliments well with each other. The crunchy and quite spicy chicken skin is a plus for this dish. It tasted so well with the greens . The Shoyu dressing is also good! plus the mildly spicy twist will make you want more.

 Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


Classic karage with sweet sauce and Ippudo’s tartar sauce, served with mixed greens salad on the side.

 Another crispy element for the ramen sidekicks that will add to the enjoyment while you’re eating your favorite Ippudo ramen.

 Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


Glazed chicken wings with white sesame served with mixed greens salad on the side.

For those who want a peppery taste for a crispy fried chicken, then this one is for you. Since i’m not that fond of pepper this ramen sideckick is not on my top choice. But, i must say that the distinct sweet-peppery taste is interesting.

Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


 Ippudo’s signature chashu, black konnyaku, egg, sweet okonomiyaki sauce and creamy Japanese mayo.

This is one of my favorite  on the #RamenSidekicks. The chasu taste so flavorful it blends well together with the okonomiyaki sauce and the mayo secially when you eat it with the veggie part. If I will take it home, I will eat it with rice haha or will just enjoy muching it as it is.:)

 Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks


Creamy matcha brulee topped with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkling of matcha powder.

This dessert is a must try! Believe me it is really good. Everything blends well with every bite. You can really taste the matcha flavor. It is not too sweet and not bland as well,  which is good for me.

Overall, these Ippudo Philippines Ramen Sidekicks  are really good. It taste that good that you can order it as stand alone without the ramen(but I’m sure you also cannot resist ordering the ramen hihihi). Each ramen sidekicks will definitely leave a mark on your taste buds  especially when you are eating a delicious, hot and yummy ramen at Ippudo.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator