HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt


Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It is clearly no joke. It takes a lot of motivation, patience, discipline, and positive mindset in order to surpass all the stuggles(cravings, inactiveness) and be able to achieve our fitness goals. When you want to lose your excess weight or just decided to become healthful, aside from exercise, hydration, and good sleep, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet is a must. Yes, A MUST! No buts and ifs.

A lot of us have some reasons(or maybe excuses ahaha!) when it comes to healthy food. Bland, lacks flavor, takes time to prepare, cluelessness on what ingredients to buy or use, just to mention a few. Aside from these reasons, if we were to dine out and look for restos or food hubs, we all know that it is kinda hard to find restaurants that serve healthy meals right?(I meant really healthy meals).

So here’s a good news. I just found a good place located at Timog Quezon City which serves wide array of good and healthy. But before anything else, I just want to let you know that everything that I will say about this restaurant were based on my honest observation and experience which I always do whenever I write reviews. Your experience may be different.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

I was invited to dine in at HEALTHY MEALS PH to try out what they are offering. We were given the liberty to order whatever we want in their menu(oh yes!).

Let me tell you what I think about the place. I love the ambiance of this healthy food hub. It has a nature theme which is very visible to the furnishings and fixtures being used(wood, plants). The spa-like background music playing while you dine was very relaxing and calming. Love it!

The staff were very nice as well-serves with a smile, though they are quite spaced out- keeps on forgetting my requests(it happens) hahahah! But I understand because they were taking and serving multiple orders that time.

Pesto Pasta(Protein), Homemade Chicken Embutido(meal), Baked Chicken Hardinera(meal), Baked Fish and Tofu(meal, Baked Kare-Kare(meal), Beef Salpicao(plain).

Food presentation was good. And I love that they serve it on wooden plates. Really fits their theme. Look at the photos above. I did not order for these meals, these were orders of other guests(I only took photos) so I wasn’t able to taste these dishes. Just showing you how HEALTHY MEALS PH serving looks like.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

HEALTHY MEALS PH has wide array of healthy choices that you can choose from( you may choose plain- a la carte or meal with rice/pasta), starting with appetizers, main dishes, vegan and healthy bowls, salads, drinks and even bread.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

So here’s the first that I ordered. The Chicken Peanut Strips(Php150-Plain/Php190-meal). It was made of baked chicken rolled with  nuts, coconut and secret herb. It also comes with salad as side dish and dressing.

To be honest, the dish served was not heaty(I know we took photos of the meal for about 2-3 mins but its just a short time span for the meal to really cool down that fast). The brown rice was well cooked, the chicken was quite hard, dry, bland and I hardly taste the peanut(not sure though if that’s the way it’s supposed to be). But as I chew it more, that’s the time that I can taste the peanut a bit. I suggest you ask for an extra salad dressing, which I did(their salad dressing is really good!) and I used it as a sauce to this chicken dish. It worked. I enjoyed my meal after that.

This one was REEEEEEAAALY GOOOOOD! I will definitely come back to eat it again! One of their best sellers and my instant favorite… the High Protein Chicken Tacos(Php210). A very unique and well presented appetizer dish(please see photo above). They used chicken as the taco base holding all the veggie components. The taste of cumin really captured my tastebuds and compliments well with the vegetables and chicken meat itself. If you love eating Persian or Mexican food, you will surely love this meal. A really must-try!

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

For my refreshment, I oredered the Booster Moringa(Php 85). As we all know, Moringa is also known as “Malunggay” which is very high in calcium and antioxidants. I love it that it’s not that sweet and the leafy taste is not that dominant. You just have to stir it from time to time, because the Moringga sediments settles at the bottom of the glass. Will try others drinks when I go back there.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

For dessert, I ordered Adam’s Ice Cream which is made of ALL NATURAL ingredients. I chose the Black & White(made of Coconut Milk and Dark Chocolate). At first, I find the taste a bit weird because of the coconut milk, not the usual creamy ice cream that is smooth inside your mouth. With this ice cream, it’s like there were small particles which eventually dissolve. The dark chocolate  is very dominant but the coconut milk kinda tapers down the bitter taste. Love it!

HEALTHY MEALS PH also sells different organically-made products(from local partners here in the Philippines) such as Coconut Cider Vinegar, Turmeric Powder, Fish sauce, Mushroom chips, Stevia Oatmeal Cookies with Malunggay and many more.

You should try their Banana loaf! It’s really good. It’s moist, chewey and not too sweet. Plus they use muscovado sugar for its natural color and sweetener.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

Photo Source: Healthy Meals PH’s Facebook Page

Just in case you want to binge on healthy meals, HEALTHY MEALS PH offers buffet at their Torre Venezia Suites branch in Timog every Friday to Sunday for just only P399/Head!. Check out the schedule below.

6pm to 9pm (Dinner)

11am to 3pm (Lunch)
6pm to 9pm (Dinner)

11am to 3pm (Lunch)

Max – 2hrs Dining Experience

Strictly by reservations


HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

Photo Source: Healthy Meals PH’s Facebook Page

Aside from the restaurant, HEALTHY MEALS PH also has some “meal plans”. Each individual has his or her own caloric needs per day. For those who want to lose weight or just eat the right amount of nourishment, you may avail this. I must say, looking at the price list, they are much cheaper compared to other diet delivery services around the metro. How I wish they can also deliver in Rizal area huhu.

Who says healthy food tastes bad?. No… No… No… It’s just a misconception. You can actually enjoy delicious meals without that guilt feeling. Overall my dining experience was good and I enjoyed it so much. Would definitely go back and bring my boyfie for a healthy-dining date. Want to try more. For me, it is really a good dining place for those fitness enthusiasts, those who wanted to make the switch, or those just want to eat healthy meals.

You are what you eat. If you have unhealthy habits especially when it comes to what you are taking in your body, sooner or later will suffer. So better start eating right now and live a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy life more.

HEALTHY MEALS PH: Delicious Meals Without The Guilt

Photo Source: Healthy Meals PH’s Facebook Page


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator