Learning the Latest at the Go Gizmo Fair

Go Gizmo Fair

In this digital age where smartphones, computers, and most especially internet are well patronized all over the world, these gave us free access to lots of things online and offline to explore, learn, improve, and have fun. 

And speaking of learning, last July 26, 2019 which was last day of the Go Gizmo Fair: Lifestyle Beyond Technology, a 3-day tech event at Market Market Activity Center, different tech brands such as Cherry Mobile, RealMe, Oppo, Huawei, JBL and many more offered great deals and discounts to mall-goers.

Not just that, digital-related topics were tackled by different speakers to update attendees and mall-goers with what is currently happening in the tech and digital world.

The talks at the Go Gizmo Fair were really informative. The first speaker Mr. John Patrick Lita, discussed about Social Media Threats and Cyber Security which are very relevant now since our personal information could easily be accessed and may be compromised by through our online/offline activities.

The second speaker of Go Gizmo Fair was Ms. Demai Granali, who talked about the Future of Shopping. Who wouldn’t want to go shopping right? Maybe your are noticing already that online shopping nowadays gives a lot of convenience to shoppers. I myself is very much fond of doing so, because there’s  no need to go out of the house and brace for the metro traffic. Now I can buy almost everything with just one click or tap. The future of shopping and the technology being used to shop are really promising.

Do you love taking photos via smartphone or DSLR or maybe mirrorless? Mr. Ian Bacungan, shared his knowledge about the the do’s and dont’s of Mobile Photography and Social Media Content Creation. If you want a nice looking profile, or well curated instagram wall, you should practice your shots and learn the basics. And If you are one of those naturally gifted with an eye for photography then good for you.

Lastly, for the 2019 Smartphone Trends, tech blogger Mr. Mark Macanas is the right fit to talk about the latest on some of the smartphone brands available in the market. Since we all are into smartphones, we should be guided on what to buy, the specifications that would fit your preference.

Emerging technology has advantages and disadvantages that is why we should know how to use it responsibly. What you do or say online and offline could leave a permanent impression of you. A digital tattoo, as I may call it. So better to always watch out and be careful. Alright? 

Thanks Go Gizmo Fair!




Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com