Hong Kong Foodtrip: Wing Kee Noodles in Causeway Bay

Wing Kee Noodles

In the Philippines, there are a lot of noodle soup dishes in the food market. There’s Lomi of Batangas, La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo of Iloilo, and if you already visited Binondo in Manila I’m pretty sure you have already tasted some chinese noodle food there. We love these kind of dishes may it be on hot and most especially when the wheather is cold and rainy. 

Hong Kong Foodtrip: Wing Kee Noodles in Causeway Bay

Anyway, if you love these noodle soup dishes that I mentioned above, then you will definitely like those cart noodle-type being sold in the streets of HongKong like specifically in Wing Kee Noodles located at Sugar street Causeway Bay. We really added this to our itenerary when we visited Hong Kong since it is one of the popular must-try resto there.

Hong Kong Foodtrip: Wing Kee Noodles in Causeway Bay

Since this food establishment is quite small, it easily gets full with diners. Make sure that your patience is up if you want to eat here. And better be ready to line up because lots of tourists and even locals go to this place. Thank God we got there early and we did not have to fall in line.

Wing Kee Noodles practices a communal-style set up where round tables and seats are placed very close to each other. If you are in a group, expect to be seated on different tables, next to a stranger. You can bring your own utensils(chopsticks, spoon, and fork) if you are kinda sensitive about cleanliness.

How to order?

  1. Choose the noodles that you want: Yellow Noodle, Egg Noodle, Rice Vermicelli, Rice Noodle, and White Flat Noodle.
  2. Choose your topping/s(see photos above) You pay based on how many toppings you. So for 1-2 toppings plus your choice of noodles it is priced at HKD32, for 3 toppings plus noodles- HKD38 and for 4 types of toppings plus noodles-HKD44. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice. If you don’t want any toppings, just noodle and broth, you just pay HKD17.
  3. ENJOY all your choices mixed together with a very flavorful broth in one bowl .

Hong Kong Foodtrip: Wing Kee Noodles in Causeway Bay

Wanna know what I ordered? For the toppings, I chose 3: Tripe, Octopus Slide and Dried Tofu. For the noodles, I chose the egg noodle. In all fairness, the toppings were really big slices. The soup broth tastes really good! my mom, dad, and sister(in eyeglasses) got 3 toppings too for their bowl of goodness. my gosh! Ang sarap! Promise, super sulit!

By the way, they don’t accept credit/debit card for payment. Cash only.


Hong Kong Foodtrip: Wing Kee Noodles in Causeway Bay

Overall, the dining experience was very good. And thank God my family get to seat beside each other during our turn and was able to enjoy every bite, every sip, every chew together. It’s really worth the try! You must try it too!



Wing Kee Noodles Branches:

G/F, 27A Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island- Phone: (852) 2808 2877

G/F, 43 Jardine Street, Causeway Bay

1 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai

CF 2, Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate Lung Lok House, Wong Tai Sin

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com