TSOKOLATERIA Offers Mouth-Watering Choco Batirol In Baguio City



Baguio City is known for its cold weather. If your jacket isn’t enough to keep you warm, then maybe you should resort to drinking a cup of hot Choco Batirol which is a very known beverage in Baguio City.


Where to find and drink one of the best tasting Choco Batirol in Baguio City?  Just go to TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe, located at Upper Session Road near SM City Baguio. You will  never get lost when you go there. Just make SM Baguio your landmark, just walk a few meters when you see a big igorot statue, and you’re there. They don’t have parking space so I suggest that you just park at SM Baguio or any parking space near it.

TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe offers amazing selection of food and beverages. It  specializes in hot choco batirol drink made from local cacao beans. Here are some of their Choco Batirol specialties that I have tasted during our Baguio food crawl.


Sili Labuyo Choco Blend P130

Whooohooo! This variant would surely make you warm. I tried just as sip, I immediately tasted the spicy flavor mixing with the bitter-sweet taste of the Choco batirol. Wasn’t able to finish a small cup hahaha. Believe it or not, I love spicy food, but this one is too spicy for me for a beverage. Let me warn you, if you are not into spicy drinks, then this one is not for you. But for those who are brave enough and want to try something new, then try it. It is a very interesting bev. 🙂

I don’t know if you can request to adjust the level of spicyness. Wasn’t able to ask about it. But I hope they can adjust according to the customer ‘s preference, like 25%, 50%, 75% up to 100% spicy level.

Tsokolateria 7

Frozen Hot Choco P200

This one is my fave. The hot choco batirol and the vanilla ice cream really blends well. I love it when my choco drink is creamy. And  this one hit it! The vanilla ice cream also diluted the slightly bitter taste of the choco batirol, making it more exciting to drink.


Tsoko Mallows P220

If you love the Swissmiss with mallows, you will love TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe ‘s Tsoko Mallows even more. Drink your hot choco batirol with melting marshmallow on top. I don’t usually like marshmallows, but I will make an exemption for this one.

TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe does not only offer amazing selection of Hot choco betirol drinks. They also offer wide array of choco-inspired/based meals. Here are some…


Palitaw P70


Bibingka P180


Churros P160


Ensaymada (Tsoknut) P140


Ensaymada (Banana Con Choco) P140

Tsokolateria 9

Crispy Choco Balls P120


Strawberry Fondue P180


Tablea Champorado P175

So… if you are a chocolate lover who wants to try something new and happens to be around the City of Pines, You might want to drop by TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe and try their signature Choco Batirol!

For more infomation about TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe:

Instagram: @Tsokolateriacafe

Google+: TSOKOLATERIA Artisinal Cafe

Telephone Nos.: +63 922 859 2701 (Gemma Tuba) / +63 922 859 2702 (Pamela Azur)

E-Mail Address: inquiry@happyconceptgroup.com

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com