Manila Foodtrip: The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda Meals

saucer adobo

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda

The Aristocrat Restaurant has been in the restaurant industry for so many years. Established in 1936, the restaurant has grown from a simple ‘carinderia” then adding a food truck service and now a full-bloom restaurant which is now being managed by the founder’s decentant Priscila Reyes Pacheco.

Memories… I can remember when my fiance’s grandma  told her story, where she and her 1st boyfriend used to go at Aristocrat Restaurant Roxas Boulevard branch for a romantic date. How cute:) Me and my parents also had our post celebration lunch there more than a decade ago after my capping and pinning ceremony at Malate Church, which is just a few meters away. Too bad weren’t able to take photos while dining.(I have no camera phone yet that time haha!), but it was a pleasant dining experience.

 So imagine how many generations that The Aristocrat Restaurant has served with all of their finest Filipino and Chinese cuisines, at wallet-friendly prices.

The Aristocrat Restaurant

The Aristocrat Restaurant Roxas boulevard

After so many years, I’m back again at The Aristocrat Restaurant Roxas Boulevard  branch . It felt so nostalgic. The place already has significant improvements. It is bigger and way better than it used to be.

aristocrat restaurant merienda meals

This is so cool. Aristocrat Restaurant has this call button where you can push whenever you need something, or you want to add additional orders. It’s nice to know that even if the restaurant is traditional, they still keep up and upgrade technologies like this to further enhance customer’s dining experience.

Aristocrat Restaurant events place

The Aristocrat Restaurant also has events venue where you can book for special occasions, seminars, parties and many more.

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda

The Aristocrat Restaurant bakeshop

For your sweet cravings, you may drop by The Aristocrat Restaurant Bakeshop which offers different pastries, cakes and breads.

And now for the  main event, EATING TIME!!!

Came to try The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda meals for the very first time with my fellow bloggers. So again, I will forget my diet, I need to enjoy this foodtrip hahahah!

We were then served some of the Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda specialties which are available all-day and all-night such as: (yes you read it right all-day and all-night, because Aristocrat Restaurant  is open 24 hours!)

saucer adobo

Php 100


I love adobo! It’s one of my mom’s specialty. I love it especially if it is on top of a hot and steamy rice with tutong. Yeah! you read it right. I love eating adobo with tutong. But with Aristocrat Restaurant, eating adobo would be a lot different. A new discovery for me . At first, I was hesitant to taste it since I’m used to eating adobo with rice. But this time, I’m eating it with bread. In fairness, It’s good! Something you should try for your merienda meal.

sotanghon soup

Php 70


Craving for a hot noodle soup for merienda? Then you must sip this hot bowl of goodness from Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda meals.

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda

Php 120


pospas de gallina

Php 120


As rainy days season sets in, we are now experiencing some cold weather. And what a perfect way to enjoy it is by eating POSPAS DE GALLINA and ARROZ DE CALDO that will surely keep you warm and will fill your rumbling tummy.  These two different rice porridge has it’s own flavor. The Pospas de Gallina uses chicken as its base flavor and ox tripe/beef for the Aroz De Caldo. Both are good to taste and will satisfy your Pinoy Merienda cravings.


tokwa't baboy

Php 145(w/baboy) , Php 135(plain)


Eversince I was a kid, Tokwa is my favorite choice to partner for goto. I usually eat it plain without the baboy, but as I grow older, I learned to eat  it with aditional  baboy or sometimes ear cartilage of a pig. At Aristocrat Restaurant, you can enjoy best of both world. You can choose either plain or with baboy.

pancit luglog

Php 190


If you like palabok and pancit malabon, you will definitely like this Pancit Luglog. When I tatsed it, It has rich flavor that simply crawl on my palate making me eat it until the last strand of the noodles.

Sotanghon guisado

Php 285


I used to eat sotanghon with soup. But this time around, will eat it dry. It has the same flavorful taste just like the sotanghon soup. A very interesting Merienda meal.

lumpiang ubod sariwa

Php 90


This Aristocrat Restaurant merienda meal is very good, especially the sauce because it compliments well with the Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa .  Perfect combination! If you are into the healthy side of eating, this would be a good choice for you.

Aristocrat restaurant Merienda meals


Who says that Puto bungbong is available during “ber” months only? I’m so happy to find out that Aristocrat  has this on their menu all-year around. Yay! I happen to taste this, and I am impressed. The consistency is good and the taste of course is superb. Unlike  what I tasted from a known bibingka and puto bung-bong establishment where the puto bung-bong’s consistency and look is like a “kalamay”. It looks really different.

Now I know where to go when I crave  for this meal. At Aristocrat Restaurant. I don’t need to wait for “ber” months just to eat my favorite puto bung-bong. 🙂

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda


Dinuguan is always known to be paired with puto. But with Aristocrat, aside from the original Dinuguan-Puto combination, they  introduced another combination…The Dinuguan-Cheese roll combination. I tried it and to my surprise, It’s good. I never thought that i would like it.

I have tasted the cheese roll  without the dinuguan, aaah… the best cheese roll i ever tasted! soft bread, creamy, not too sweet and the taste of the cheese really dominates with every bite. The cheese roll is available at Aristocrat Bakeshop.

torta delos reyes

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda


For dessert, this Torta Delos Reyes is really a MUST TRY! Believe me, I don’t have a sweet tooth, but this will me turn into one.  It’s not like other frozen cake desserts that you will feel “umay” because of it’s too sweet. This one, when you tasted, you will definitely ask and crave for more.

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda


For my drink, I chose the Tsokolate-eh. Wow! chocolate overload for me hahaha! It has rich and thick taste of pure cacao chocolate that will surely leave a lasting flavor in your mouth.

Are you ready to try them all? Well there’s a lot more of Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda meals that I haven’t tasted yet. I will definitely go back and try each of those soon. 🙂

The Aristocrat Restaurant Pinoy Merienda

So What are you waiting for? Go now and experience an all-Filipino merienda  together with your friends and family only at The Aristocrat Restaurant.

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For day and night delivery, you may call: 894-0000 (The Aristocrat Restaurant is open 24 hours a day to serve you. ) or you may call 

 (047) 252-3910 for Subic Bay delivery and  (049) 503-1987 for San Pablo City, Laguna delivery.

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