The Menchi Katsu Burger of Yabu The House Of Katsu

Menchi Katsu Burger

Yay! Got an invitation from 2 restaurants in Megamall namely, Yabu: The House Of Katsu and Ippudo. I love Japanese food, so how can I resist to both of them? I simply can’t.  Specially that my schedule does ammend to the time and date of food tasting. I said YES!

Last night was really a different night for me. Well, how can I describe it? It was a belly-busting night to remember. I think that would fit the description. Hahahha!

Menchi Katsu Burger

First to try is Yabu The House of Katsu newest offering. After launching their Ebi Katsu Burger a few months ago, another Katsu burger has been been created that will definitelty tease your palate. Two more were introduced namely, Yabu’s Mozzarella Katsu Sticks and their newest addition to their iced tea menu the  Lychee and peach Iced tea.

Introducing, Yabu: The House Of Katsu’s Menchi Katsu Burger

Menchi Katsu Burger

This crunchy and juicy Menchi Katsu Burger is made of ground beef and pork stuffed with creamy cheese, topped with shredded cabbage, Shiso leaves, Japanese pickles, spicy aioli, and caramelized onion jam in a toasted brioche bun.

Menchi Katsu Burger

I was a bit surprised when the waiter placed this on our table. I didn’t expect it to be this big. If you are a light to moderate eater, I’m pretty sure that you can’t consume everything since it also comes with fries which is by the way delicious. Unless, you are too hungry.

I love my every bite on this Katsu-style burger. It may be hard to open your mouth that wide, but you will definitely enjoy eating this one. The taste of the melted cheese as it combines with the pork and beef is really amazing. You know when beef is added as an ingredient, It would really be tatsty. Plus I like the crunchy part. yum! yum!

Look how thick that pattie is?For sure you’ll be full on Menchi Katsu Burger patty alone and I think you can eat it together with rice hahaha!

For only Php380, you’ll get to enjoy this one katsu burger goodness like no other.

Mozzarella Katsu Stick

Who loves Mozzarella? I do… I do… I do!!! Yabu’s Mozzarella Katsu Sticks became my instant favorite!. For only Php260, you get to enjoy this 6 crunchy goodness of mozzarella sticks covered with golden panko, tossed with Yabu’s special blend of Furikake and served with spicy aioli dip.

It is that good, I can finish all one servingin just minutes hahahah!. It is best dipped with the aioli sauce. But you can still enjoy it without the sauce.

lychee and peach iced tea

To push everything that I have eaten down, Yabu also served us their newest blend of iced tea… the Lychee and Peach Iced tea. I believe this is not a typical tasting iced tea with this kind of flavor. Surprisingly, the taste is not bad and  it helped to shift the taste from the meals that I ate. It cleanses my palate a bit.

You can enjoy this Lychee and Peach Iced tea and go bottomless for only Php110.

Well, that’s it for now. Will let you know guys again when there are new dishes, refreshments, snacks and many more being offored by Yabu The House of Katsu. or you may follow them on Facebook

Written by Cristelle Torres
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