My Family’s Christmas Holiday Tradition 2017!

Jack n' Jill Party Packs

Yuletide season is one of the happiest and busiest times of the year. Everyone is preoccupied attending parties here and there, shopping for presents, and buying stuff in preparation for the Noche Buena.

Speaking of Noche Buena, we usually don’t practice the “wait for midnight thingy Christmas celebration” like others. We usually do our celebration in the afternoon of the 25th where my family, together with my relatives (mother side), gather at the year’s host family’s house or venue (if they opted to have the reunion on other location).

Jack n' Jill Party Packs

Photo Credit: Hehersone Reyes

Compared to others, our main clan is just small which through the years grew to about 30 consisting of my aunts, uncles and cousins, our family also included. Wow! We are now getting bigger. Hahaha! Well, the more the merrier right?

We do games, gift-giving, the usual kwentuhan and tawanan and of course one of the best parts of the program… eating😂. It has been this way since I was little.

When it comes to food… each family brings an assigned dish/snacks/or drinks. This year, my family is tasked to bring roasted chicken and backed macaroni.

As for me, I would like to give my own share and I will be bringing something BIG for the whole clan to much on. Perfect for my clan’s growing number. Can you guess?

Our Jack ‘n Jill snacks favorites, now in big Party Packs that are perfect for sharing, especially for a growing clan like ours! They’re also easy on the pocket at P65 for Piattos, and P41.90 for Chippy and Chiz Curls. Truly, happiness comes in BIG packages.

These Jack n’ Jill Party Packs Jack n’ Jill Party Packs are available for a limited time only this holiday seasonThese Jack n’ Jill Party Packs Jack n’ Jill Party Packs are available for a limited time only this holiday season. Time to hoard and make sure I have enough for other get-togethers with friends and family!



Written by Cristelle Torres
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