My Favorite Jam: Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam

Baguio's Best Choice Strawberry Jam

I love strawberries! I can eat it just that the whole day, everyday. I usually dip it on condensed milk and can finish a bowl of it.

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During our Baguio food crawl, we stumble upon Baguio’s Best Choice booth and were able to taste their famous  Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam. There are two variants, you can choose between Crushed and  Whole Strawberries. What I preferred much is the crushed one because I like it less chunky.

Baguio's Best Choice Strawberry Jam

They spread it on top of the crackers  and I love it. It could be my simple snack everyday. Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam is not too sweet sweet like its all sugar. It is just sweet enough for you to have some more. Other than that, you can really taste the fresh strawberries compared to other strawberry jams being sold in the market or souvenir stores around Baguio City.

One thing that I learned about buying strawberry jam is that, you shouldn’t buy one with dark color. If you can see other stores, they are selling strawberry jams which are almost dark as black. Believe it or not, it is almost “ALL SUGAR” and the strawberry content is just minimal.

What I like about Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam is that they are putting more strawberries than sugar,making the flavor of the strawberry  more abundant with every bite.

Baguio's Best Choice Strawberry Jam

When you buy Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam, it comes with the brand’s paper bag. So you will not get a hard time wrapping it up, it is presentable as it is. It would be a perfect gift or pasalubong to your friends and loved ones. Buy it, hand them over and you are done!.

Baguio's Best Choice

Thank you so much Baguio’s Best Choice for the Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam. I super love it!

Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam is available on the following outlets.


Town: Swiss Baker, SM and Swiss Baker , Session Road.

La Casa Bianca, Leonard Wood Road

Meld’z Pasalubong, Victory Liner Terminal 2, 2nd Floor

Jaira’s Souvenir Shop, Camp John Hay

Child and Family Service, 11, Manzanillo Subd.

Easter Weaving, Easter Road

Mother Earth, Kisad Road

Cordillera Tressures, Leonard Wood Road

Cosmopoltan Hotel, Naguillan Road


Budget Wise Store, 47 Mins View Park

Cora’s Restaurant, 51 Mines View Park

Ridgewood Residence, Felipe Street, near Mansion.


All leading pasalubong stalls.


Santis Delicatessen


H & W Delicatessen


NCCC Supermarket, Puerto Princesa


Iloilo Supermarket, Atrium, Gen. Luna Street.


Why Not Deli Shop, Eldorado Beach Resort.


Swiss Deli, RS Compound, Km 7, Lanang

For more information about Baguio’s Best Choice Strawberry Jam, you may visit or contact

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator