If you’re out on a date and itching for Italian food, here is a review of some of the foods available in one of the popular Italian restaurant in the country right now.

GirlandBoyThing.com tried 1 order of Lasagna, 1/2 order of Spaghetti with meatballs and s slice of Chicago White Dish.Italian Food Date

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Sbarro Chicago Whitedish Pizza

1 slice Sbarro Chicago Whitedish Pizza = Php 172

Sbarro Meat Lasagna (White Sauce)

1 Meat Lasagna (White Sauce) = Php 198

Sbarro Spaghetti Meatball

1/2 Spaghetti with meatball = Php 104

BoyThing tried the Spaghetti with meatball


  • – it tastes like from fresh tomato, not from the can
  • – the sweet and sour taste mixes well in the mouth


  • – great combination with the sauce as the bread has a unique taste that mixes well with the sweet=sour taste of the sauce
  • – the dough is good, and the bread is really FULL, thus, heavy in the tummy


  • -firm, not saggy
  • -strips are not sticking to each other


  • -Fantastic, it is so meaty and juicy. You can really taste the difference from a meatball with lots of extenders
  • -Heavy too, that’s why, if you’re on a diet, half of it, is already good for your calorie and meal intake


Chicago White Dish is like the widely-seen pizza pepperoni and cheese with a little twist of hawaiian. The only twist that this pizza has (we think) is the additional filling it has of pepperoni and ham (we guess, upon looking at the filling). It also has pineapple bits and ofcourse, lots of mozarella cheese – that made it so great.
The taste combination of pepperoni, cheese, pineapple and ham makes you crave for more.

GirlThing‘s meal – Meat Lasagna (White Sauce)

  • She says that the sauce was excellent.
  • It is full of cheese and she thinks that it has a little of cream or milk that makes it more creamy in the mouth.
  • The lasagna is filled with meat inside which makes the meal tastier (beef is her guess)
  • Plus, the garlic bread that mixes well with the lasagna.

To top it all, we had our meals added with:

  • Craked red pepper and hot sauce
  • parmesan cheese

Yum yum! Great choice of meals, especially for those who love pasta and pizza with spicy stuff.

TIPS when eating in Sbarro

  • When ordering lasagna – ask for the corner slice, it is usually bigger (like in real estate, when acquiring corner lots)
  • You can choose not to buy drinks anymore, since Sbarro has a water station, usually on the side of the condiments.
  • Sbarro‘s food tastes great already, but if you want to spice things up, they have selection of spices on the side to choose from (pepper, basil, hot sauce, etc.)

Sbarro has a wide Italian food selection at a relatively “affordable” rate. Some people may think that the price here maybe a bit pricey, but honestly, GirlandBoyThing thinks that every peso spent for a meal here is worth it.

Sbarro is a good treat for you and your date, especially if you love italian food for a decent price.

Our meal just cost us:

Sbarro Receipt

Our meal cost = Php 423.21

IMPORTANT NOTE: We were not paid to write about Sbarro, but GirlandBoyThing would love to try Sbarro’s food selection if they let us… for FREE! That would be fabulous… for the review ;-D

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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