BlueWater Day Spa Reveals Set of Endorsers And Massages In Their Newest Campaign

BlueWater Day Spa Reveals Set of Endorsers And Massages In Their Newest Campaign

“Lifestyle Redefined” it is. Says the newest campaign of BlueWater Day Spa, a one-stop hub for your beauty and wellness needs which offers a wide range of  pampering services such as massages, scrubs, waxing, facial treatments and many more. Discover the key to wholeness of the mind, body and spirit to make the most of one’s lifestyle.BlueWater Logo - JPEG

With Blue WaterDay Spa, you can enjoy the state of the art facilities and services which will give you maximum relaxation and leisure that will make your visit an  unforgettable papmpering experience.


“The word ‘lifestyle’ is usually associated with luxury or having wealth.  Through this campaign, we are changing its definition to encompass a broader idea. Lifestyle is about the choices you make every single day of your life. As the country’s premier hub of wellness, we would like to inspire our consumers to led a healthy, positive and productive lifestyle.” says Nancy Go, Operations Manager of BlueWater Day Spa.

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With the recent campaign, BlueWater Day Spa introduced their newest batch of endorsers and brand ambassadors namely Aljur Abrenica, Ian Batherson,Mikaela Lagdameo- Martinez, Fabio Ide, Kim Suiza and the Semerad Twins, Anthony, David, Wyn Marquez, Ervic Vijandre, LA Aguinaldo, Pia Wurtzbach, Mariel De Leon and Jovic Susim.Their long-time endorser is Iya Villania(Not present) is still included to the roster of BlueWater Day Spa’s celebrity endorsers.

  Healthy and active through their respective fitness routines, these celebrities embody a redefined lifestyle – one that is shaped by actively taking care of themselves by choosing healthier options and getting BlueWater Day Spa treatments that compliment their healthy lifestyle.

 On the other hand, BlueWater Day Spa also launched two (2) new massages with international origins: Emans Massage and the Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage which will be available exclusively at their branches.

Emans Massage

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Emans Massage, is a one hour slow and gentle massage that uses joint mobilization principle to achieve a therapeutic effect and release trapped energies on all joint of the bodies. This massage service is indicated for clients with joint pain and joint stiffness. Recommended for active persons to prevent injury and post injury.

Clients with fracture, ligament fracture, herniated disk with nerve compression, joint effusion, joint replacement, hypermobile joints and clints who has inability to relax are NOT ALLOWED to undergo this massage treatment.

Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage

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Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage is a one hour(each) massage therapy which bring a state of calmness and tranquility allowing the body to heal and repair specially in hand and foot area.

Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage promotes relaxation, activates the release of toxins, help reduce emotional stresss and imbalances. It also help reduce overall physical pain, reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as restless leg syndrome, insomnia nausea an edema.

This hand and foot massage treatments are recommended for peaople who repeatedly uses their hands and foot to perform taks or work.

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True for its worth, BlueWater Day Spa is in the forefront of redefining lifestyles in the field of beauty and wellness.

Visit BlueWater Day Spa Branches and try a complete and comprehensive line-up of services – from relaxing massages to beauty treatments backed up by the latest innovations, all at prices affordable to more people who would like to enjoy the ultimate spa experience.

 Ortigas-Greenhills (7278420)

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Capitol Hills (9524829)

Eastwood City (9151247)

Tomas Morato (4865584)

Cotabato City (09276031084)

Naga City (09177391822).

BlueWater Day Spa is also open for Franchising.

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