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Coffee with a twist of Chocolate… KOPIKO Kopiccino

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Enjoy your coffee experience with a new extra flavor. KOPIKO Kopiccino, is a unique tasty blend of coffee, sugar and creamy milk in one sachet.

And there’s more!… At the back of each sachet of KOPIKO Kopiccino comes with a pack of fine Choco Granules that you can sprinkle on top of your KOPIKO Kopiccino.

Here’s what it looks like…

 What’s good about this product is that they give the consumers the liberty to choose whether they want to put the chocolate granules or not in their coffee.

Coffee drinkers and other consumers can enjoy their KOPIKO Kopiccino…

Without Chocolate Granules… OR

With Chocolate Granules…

Personally, I don’t drink coffee that much specially if it is just plain coffee. I like it when my coffee is combined with more milk or creamer and with right amount of sugar. I want my coffee to be creamy.

When I got this package of KOPIKO Kopiccino, I put it in a taste test. I like the frothy look formed on top of the coffee mixture and the chocolate granules sprinkled on top made it look more presentable just like in the commercial cafe’. (Pictures above). About the taste, the coffee is not too concentrated not strong, the creamy taste is there, and the sweetness is just right. You should follow the instructions in the sachet on the amount of hot water you should use per sachet (its says there 150ml of water).

I also tried drinking my KOPIKO Kopiccino with bread and sweets…

KOPIKO Kopiccino is a product of PT TORABIKA EKA SEMESTA and exclusively distributed by TRIDHARMA MARKETING CORPORATION.

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