Goya Take It Molded Chocolate Wafer Now Out In The Market!

Goya Take It Molded Chocolate Wafer Now Out In The Market!

Everybody loves chocolate, that’s a fact!, unless you are allergic to it. :). To many, chocolate is already an elixir, capable of relieving stress, boosting flagging spirits and mimicking the giddy feeling of being in love. Aside from that, chocolates especially made from cacao also has other health benefits such as decreasing the risk of stroke and heart diseases, research also says that chocolates may reduce risks of cancer, lowers blood pressure improve vascular function, increases energy metabolism and many more.

Knowing these facts, Goya, a trusted maker of Pinoy’s well-love chocolate has developed and produced a mouthwatering chocolate brand that will surely entice your sweet tooth. Introducing, The new Goya Take It molded chocolate wafers.


Goya Take It is a three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate which is available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and, if you’re a choco hoarder, a 6 pack of 2 fingers.

Goya Take It is a chocolate snack that is made the “Swiss way” by Delfi, a licensee of DelfiChocolate Manufacturing S.A in Switzerland.

That’s your guarantee that every rich inch of Goya Take It molded chocolate wafer is made from swiss quality chocolate which has been highly regarded for centuries all around the world.


That means you get the healthy rush real chocolate delivers. It also means Goya Take It is the real thing, made affordable so you get more pleasurable bang for your buck.

Plus, it’s super versatile. While eating it on its own is awesome enough, Goya Take It allows you to let your foodie imagination run wild. Stick it in your ice cream, or lay a few Goya Take It fingers on a plate and top with ice cream for an a la mode twist.

For a double boost, take a few fingers of Goya Take It with your afternoon coffee.

Or you can even cook with it! Experiment with Goya Take It brownies, or substitute the graham base of your cheesecake with Goya Take It! Perfect on weekends, family gatherings or your sweetest pal’s bachelorette party.

On its own Goya Take It is uber versatile: as snack, energy-booster and because it’s made so easy snap, as a way to share, cheer someone up or get closer to that guy or girl you’ve been eyeing from afar.

So don’t underestimate the power of chocolate. Goya Take It crispy wafer fingers in milk chocolate certainly make all that power affordable, shareable, easy-peasy and amazingly delicious.


Goya Take It is available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

For more updates and inquiries, you may visit Goya’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com