My Healthy Trip: May’s Organic Garden And Restaurant

My Healthy Trip: May's Organic Garden And Restaurant

I just want to share to the world the great and healthy experience we had during our Blogger’s trip to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. I was so excited because it was my first time to go to Bacolod and I know that it will be a very educational and fruitful trip since the focus of the trip was Organic Agriculture.

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Shortly after arriving at the Silay City International Airport, we headed already to our place of stay… May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant.

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Upon arrival, I was in complete awe of the place. The place was really beautiful and relaxing.(how I wish I have this kind of place of my own. I will just have my adoption papers ready Papa Ramon and Mama May Uy, hahaha just kidding.)

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Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

While waiting for lunch, I stroll around the house area. I love how they decorated the place. From the interior to the the landscapes. Very classy, sophisticated and serene.


Upstairs is where a spacious living room is placed.

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And this is where we slept during our stay. Even their soft comforter shows that the place is an eco-friendly place. Awww how I miss my bed there! Each bed has 2 pillows, 1 comforter and 1 complimentary towel that you can use in your stay.

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We also have two(2) comfort rooms inside the bedroom, since we are a group of six having two comfort rooms gave us a sense of ease because we do not have to wait long for our turn to use them.

One of the best part of the trip… Food!!! May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant are serving food from their farm. I love it! I miss the everyday every meal brown rice and salad.

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After a quick rest, we were invited to a mini orientation regarding May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant , how it started, grew, and be able to reach out and help other farmers in Negros.It was graced by Mr. Ramon Uy, with the presence of his wife May Uy(the lady behind the name of May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant).

The whole place started and developed in support of the Organic movement in Negros to showcase Organic products made by May’s and the technology that are sure beneficial to the farmers and environment.

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What I like about their (Organic Farming program (RU Foundry, EcoAgri and Fresh Start Organics) is their Long-term engagement and commitment of support to Organic Farmers in the the region of Negros through their:

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-Buy Back Scheme- where they buy back the produce of other organic farmers because Mr. Ramon Uy never use the word “help” for the these farmers but instead he rather use “Partnership” and “Engagement” to uplift other farmers’ dignity and for them to develop entrepreneurial skills and be able to produce wealth on their own thru their produce.

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– Technical support through maintenance of the Machine, good manufacturing process, production of organic coffee, rice and other crops, rainforestation, water system services through RU hydraulic rem pump and other renewable energy technologies, organic fertilizer production and beekeeping.

-Scholarship Program for Children of Bantay Gubat.

During the orientation we were served with a healthy snack and drink. I love it. i never knew that you can use malunggay for a shake. Wonderful taste.

After the mini orientation, we were toured around May’s Organic Farm. Since Mr. Uy is an advocate and ambassador of “Zero-waste Management” Mr. Uy showed us some of the RU Foundry technologies and showed us how to use it. These technologies are very amazing. I’ve seen them and I believe it is one of the solutions for our waste/garbage problem. These machines can be used to recycle things and turn them to something useful.

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The Hammer Mill– the function of this machine is to crush glass bottles and turn them to glass crystals that can be used in designing walls and floors.

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Rock Crusher- can turn hard rocks to pebbles(small rocks)

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Plastic Shredder- can turn plastic materials like tetra pack, plastic bottles into plastic bits.

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Shredder– this shreds woods and leaves that can be used for compost.

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These machines are used to make Paper Charcoal.

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Bacolod-OA-GirlandBoyThing 077Bacolod-OA-GirlandBoyThing 078

Rope pump and Hydraulic Ram Pump is also available for irrigation system.

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Organic Swine farm is also present at May’s Organic Garden.

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May’s Organic Garden also create their own compost together with the vermiculture.

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Vermicomposting is also being applied and used in their compost.

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The man-made pond where boating activities happen is also a fish pond.

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We also toured around the other side of May’s Organic Garden where the Lemongrass distillery, rice fields and other crops were located.

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When we reached the Lemongrass oil distillery area we can smell it already from outside.

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Used leaves of Lemongrass are being reused for compost so nothing will go to waste.

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Aside from Organic farming, May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant is also an Eco-park which is open to public since 2010 where wide array of activities can be done.

-Swan Paddle Boating
-Horseback Riding
– Golf car and ATV Bike is also available

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

Bacolod OA-Bloggers

It also has venues and amenities for accommodation and seminars such as:
-Venue for Pre-Nuptial Pictorial
– Venue for Garden Wedding
– Flowers and Decoration
– Function Hall
– Air-conditioned function rooms
– Cabana
– Big Canopy
– Big Cottage(bahay kubo)
– Small Cottage (bahay kubo)
– Cottage with swing
– Tables and chairs
– Sound System with LCD
– Videoke
– Sound System only
– Swimming pool


Husband and wife tandem Mr. Ramon Uy and Mrs. May Uy knew that the garden, restaurant and Eco park was a great way to promote Organic Living, livelihood for farmers and anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about Organic Farming

May’s Organic Garden & Restaurant is located at Sitio Aning, Brgy. Pahanocoy in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. They serve organic food in buffet or turo-turo style. They also offer catering services for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

For more information and inquiries you may call:
(+6334) 444-1751 and (+6334) 444-1337

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator