The Beauty of Sumaguing Cave in Sagada

The Beauty of Sumaguing Cave in Sagada

I love to travel, and if I have all the luxury in the world, that’s one thing that I would always do.

Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of beautiful places to choose from. We are so blessed with “Natural” resources and beautiful places which eventually became tourist attractions/destinations to us locals and foreigners.

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Last July, I had the privilege to go to Sagada, Mountain Province with my fellow bloggers and be able to explore the beauty of Sumaguing Cave.

 I experienced my first spelunking(caving) during my college days when we had an educational tour at Biak-na-Bato Cave in Bulacan but I clearly remember that it was easy. Well not Sumaguing Cave!.  I am in for these kind of nature adventure but of course not with heights hahahha! because I’m really scared of heights, REEEEAAALLLLY SCARED.  But of course I have to conquer it  for me to be able to finish the Sumaguing Cave Course.

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First, our tour guide oriented us on what to do and what to expect inside the cave. Almost all of us are first-timers so we need to take extra precaution.

And the adventure begin…

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As we go treck inside the dark cave (Yes, it is really dark inside!), with only the lamp of the our tour guides as source of light, the feeling of thrill is rising.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything20

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything19

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As we went down, we start to hear bat sounds (there’s a lot of bats inside the cave roaming and hanging around the ceiling of the cave(So don’t look up with your mouth open if you don’t want to catch bat’s pee and poop inside your mouth!…just a reminder). The rocks around us are the only thing that we can grip to for support while going down and most of these rocks has Bat’s poop(Guano) and pee, so if you’re the kind of person who does not want to touch these things then better wear gloves!.

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See the picture above? the one with the rope on the side? this is one of the hardest part of the trekking adventure in Sumaguing Cave  because in order to get through you really have to cross this path.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything30

You have to grip to the rope, pull and balance yourself until you reach the other side because if you fall, you will land in a  very deep water pit (it is more than 6 feet)

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything24

When we reached this part of the cave we were asked to remove our footwear to prevent leaving marks on the rocks. These rocks has a very rough texture similar to sand paper. In this part of the cave the temperature starts to drop and everyone starts to breathe out smoke(vapor).

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything22

As you can see, the water is flowing inside the cave and as I said earlier, the temperature inside  is cold so as the water(it is FREEZING cold!) just imagine a glass of water with lots of ice, that is how cold the water is.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything23

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything25

That’s me as I go down in one of the trekking path.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything27

Also in this part of the cave, there’s flowing water everywhere.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything12

Look how wet we are! Freezing!

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything6

Group Picture

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything8

and another group picture

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything17

and another group picture

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything26

and another group picture… hahhaah! Actually there’s a lot more group photo ops that happened that is why it took us 4-5 hours to finish trekking the Sumaguing Cave instead of the normal 2-3 hours.

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything21

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything9

Since  we are both first-timers, my fiance, Rey of took a chance to take photos of ouselves(picture picture pag may time!)

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything28

Of course if we went down to go inside  the cave then we have to go up to get out of the cave. That’s me climbing up 🙂

There’s also a path there that you will climb on a row of tires used as a ladder. I was in great agony there because it was really high (fear of heights!!!) and the tires are not that stable but then again I was able to finish this one heck of a nature adventure. Thanks for the support of our tour guide and encouragement from ATI family, blogger friends and my fiance Rey.

Here are some of the amazing Rock formation inside Sumaguing Cave:

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything31

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything7

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything3

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything2

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything5 Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything29

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything16

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything14

Sumaguing Cave Girlandboything15

Amazing Rock Formations right? There’s a lot more  inside the cave, but of course we have to protect our gadgets so we cannot take photos all the time.

It was a definitely daring and rewarding experience for me to try the biggest cave and favorite spelunking destination  for tourists, foreign and locals.

Visit Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave and experience the breath-taking view and thrill that you will never forget.

Caving RATES
(Sumaguing Cave, view of Lumiang Cave entrance, and view of the Sugong Coffins)

1-4 persons : P500 (1 guide)

5 persons : P500 (1 guide)

6-9 persons : P800 (2 guides)

10 persons : P900 (2 guides)

11-14 persons : P1,200 (3 guides)

15 persons : P1,350

16 and above : P100/head

Thank you so much Sir Dennis, ATI, Alex and Enzo for the photos. 🙂

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator