Sagada Homestay Inn: A Nice Place to Stay

Sagada Homestay Inn

If you are going to visit Sagada and stay there for days, do not expect to look or stay in a luxurious hotel. Believe me, you will never gonna find one there. In Sagada, If you don’t know anyone like friends or relatives to temporarily stay on till the end of your trip, then you have to find an inn, homestay, lodge, hostels or guesthouse.

Sagada HomeStay

During our Organic Agriculture trip in Sagada, our sponsor arranged a place for us to stay in. They managed to book us at  Sagada HomeStay Inn located at Besao Rd., Sagada Mountain Province.

Sagada Homestay

It’s wood everywhere. The scent of wood added to the relaxing ambiance which sets a very good mood in the place.

Sagada Homestay

Here’s the common area on the first floor. Just adjacent to the reception area.

Sagada Homestay inn

There’s also a dining area that guests can use for free. This is also located on the 1st floor.

Sagada Homestay

Someone’s watching you as you climb up the stairs going to the second floor where rooms are located.

Sagada Homestay

At the second floor there’s another common area where you can hang out. There’s also a TV that the guests can use free of charge, but we seldom use it because we are always out and when we come back to the homestay, we are dead tired already.

Sagada Homestay

Sagada Homestay Rooms (2)

The rooms were pretty clean and comfortable. Thank God there’s no bed bugs. 🙂 Surprisingly, the room rates are very affordable. For about P300 – P350 per person per night/bed(without breakfast) not bad for a backpacker on a budget. But of course, that’s the per bed rate. It means that you might have some stranger company when you book on that. If you want  privacy, you can book the whole room for Php750/night for 2 people(without breakfast- not sure if this rate is per person though). Well you can contact Sagada Homestay for more details about bookings and reservations.

Sagada Homestay

Photo owned by Melody Co

My room mates… Melody Co, Ruth Floresca, and JR Bustamante. 🙂

Sagada Homestay inn

Here’s the view from our room.

Sagada Homestay

The comfort room is a common, so “Bawal mag-inarte!”(don’t be choosy!)Per cubicle is quite small but enough for you to move and take a bath. It is clean as well 🙂 By the way, there’s no free toiletries and no towels will be provided when you check -in. So bring your own ok?.

Sagada Homestay

So after bathroom talk, let’s go outside Sagada Homestay Inn. Well, if you go there you would notice that there are other rooms. This is also part of Sagada Homestay. If you happen to stay on those rooms, hope you could share some info. 🙂

Sagada Homestay bonfire pit

If you want to spend a night under the stars, burning marshmallows with the fire, you can actually use this Bonfire pit. I don’t now if you can use this for free or with charge. This would be a very nice experience for you and your friends or family.

Just out of the blue, Sagada Homestay is also offering massage service for only Php350/hour. just perfect after a straneous activity like trekking, spelunking and touring around Sagada.

Sagada Homestay inn diner

For food, you can go outside Sagada Homestay, walk a few steps and then you will reach Sagada Homestay Inn Diner. For breakfast, you can pre-order your meal P100 – P130/head. For lunch and dinner, I believe the prices are different. By the way, you can drink Free UNLIMITED Sagada Coffee when you dine at Sagada Homestay Inn Diner.

If you are looking for a decent place to stay on your next visit to Sagada, You might want to consider Sagada Homestay Inn.

For booking and reservations, you may contact Karen Fiar-od(owner) with the following contact details:

SMART: +63919-7028380
GLOBE: +639279802492
LANDLINE: +63-74-4230085
Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator