Solenn Heusaff And The New LUX Perfumed Bath Collection

LUX Fragranced Body Wash Solenn Heusaff

Women of this generation are now living in a world and society with a very fast-paced life. Always on the go. Most of the times we tend to become so busy and stressed over a lot of things and at the end of the day, after all the hardwork, we are always looking forward to feel relaxed. And with that, we deserve some pampering even just at home…We deserve some #LUXnights.

Have you experienced bathing with perfume? The new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection got you covered!

LUX Fragranced Body Wash variants

The new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection allows you to bathe with Perfume Every Day, and promises to be the luxurious indulgent treat every woman deserve – ending your busy days with #LUXNights. With fine fragrances crafted by Perfume Experts from New York, London and Paris, LUX offers you different scents to choose from such as Magical Spell, Soft Touch, White Impress and Love Forever.

House of LUX

Last February 2, 2016 at the House of LUX in SM Makati’s Beauty Hall, LUX team together with its brand ambassador, Solenn Heusaff, talked about how women of today can treat themselves after a long busy and tiring day by bathing with perfume with LUX body Wash.

During the event, LUX launched Solenn’s #LUXNights video showing how her ‘Busy Days deserve #LUXnights, and sharing a simple yet indulgent way to treat yourself..

A short demonstration was done by Solenn on how to use the LUX Perfumed Body Wash and even the audience  were given the time to try and experience the different variants to know the difference. The beautiful scent of the LUX Perfumed Body Wash variants dominates the event area and I must say that with the scent alone, it gave me that relaxing and fresh feeling already.

So for those who wants to know how to use the LUX Perfumed Body Wash, follow the steps below:

 LUX Perfumed Bath Collection1. POUR a coin-sized amount of LUX Body Wash on a bath puff

 LUX Perfumed Bath Collection2. RUB the bath puff to form a luxurious lather

 LUX Perfumed Bath Collection3. MASSAGE the bath puff all over your body to enjoy bathing with perfume

With the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection, every busy day will now be celebrated with an indulgent #LUXnight that every woman deserves. Try new LUX Perfumed Body Wash 100ml for PHP55 (SRP) and LUX Perfumed Bar Soap 110g for PHP39 (SRP.)

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator