Space EDSA Redefines Modern Living Space

Space EDSA

A living space redifined. Space EDSA is a place that you might want to consider if you are looking for a place to stay and be near your work, office or school. With all the hassle of traffic, unreliable transport system, plus a very far away home, Space EDSA may be your solution to end or at least easen your effort, save and make use of your time to something more productive.

Major Homes

Space EDSA is a  redefined dormitory located at 167 EDSA Mandaluyong City, at the third floor of Major Homes’ headquarters. You can easily spot this place. It is just beside the Victor R. Potenciano (VRP) Hospital and in between Shaw and Boni stations of the MRT. If you are not in a hurry, you can actually just walk going there which I did by the way. 🙂

 Space EDSA dorm

If you are on Sierra Madre(at the back of EDSA), Space EDSA dorm can be accessed via the stairs with the metal railing.  For easy reference, there is a 7-11 on the ground floor.

Space EDSA

“Here at Space EDSA, we understand the hassle of long and tiring commutes, especially after a whole day spent in school or the office. 50, we want to provide Filipinos a space that they can call home but does not require them a time-consuming travel,” says Quinto Oreta, President.

Space EDSA

Space EDSA is designed to help as much Filipinos to have the privilege to enjoy taking one ride or walk to work. The idea is to allow each Spacer to live near where they want to be.

Space EDSA

RECEPTION AREA. Spacer’s visitors can only stay up to the reception area only and are not allowed to go inside for security purposes.

Space EDSA

When I visited Space EDSA, I was really impressed with the modern touch of the place. It was really built and inspired with the young, energetic and dynamic lifestyles of students and office workers. Look at the doors, this dorm uses tap-key card just like in the hotels.

Space EDSA

It has a total area of 700 square meters with a total of 29 rooms all in all. At the moment, it has air-conditioned rooms for 4, 6, and 8 people priced for as low as Php4,200/month for each bed. Each spacer will also have a corresponding cabinet/drawer.

Piece of advice, do not bring too much of your things because the cabinets/drawers are kinda small and there are no extra cabinets available for you to use if ever. So only bring the ones that you will be needing.

Space EDSA room

Loving this room already. They actually has nice rooms. It may have relatively small beds than usual, but if you are just going to sleep there and most of the time you are out, then it would not be a problem. Looks spacious enough. By the way, men and women are sorted separately on different wing. No boys allowed on girl’s rooms and vice versa.

Space EDSA Shower room (2)

Space EDSA

Very nice Space EDSA has separate bath and toilet area for male spacers and female. The photos above are for women. Maybe you are asking where you can wash your soiled clothes? Unfortunately, there is no laundry facility within Space EDSA. However, they have partenered with laundry shops in the area to pickup and deliver Spacers’ laundry. 🙂

Spacers can also enjoy the FREE use of the following amenities 24/7. And take note this is inclusive of the monthly fee including, cable, WiFi internet, electricity and water.

Space EDSA

Common Kitchenette. (Cooking is not allowed. Food preparation is limited to reheating.)

Space EDSA

 Living and dining areas(Spacers can bring in food except liquor. Smoking is also not allowed)

Space EDSA


At Space EDSA,  anyone can easily develop a sense of community and family among its Spacers with comfortable areas that one can share and enjoy round the clock. When you spend most of your time doing work —- whether it’s in school or the office, the best reward waiting for you at the end of the day is a space you can call home.

Gone are the very usual dull, old, messy and scary type of dormitory that we are accustomed to. I must say that this dorm is really “the bomb” of all the dormitories!

Be a Spacer!

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator