Are You Really Eating HEALTHY Food?

Are You Really Eating HEALTHY Food?

Before, people live longer and they are stronger and seldom get sick. Why?, I believe it’s because of the food that they are eating. People in the old days usually eat, drink and use raw, natural, and organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and livestocks from their backyards. Unlike today where fast food, artificial flavorings and chemical preservatives are very rampant leading humans to a sickly body and shorter lifespan.

With a lot of people now shifting to a healthy lifestyle and are getting conscious with their food intake, the question is… are you really eating healthy food?

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Sept 7, 2013 when I met this amazing person, Dr. Alberto Jo, who is really a living proof that shifting to a healthy lifestyle is possible and that eating Organic can really heal and make your body stronger making it function to its full potential.

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Dr. Alberto Jo is a medical doctor turned naturopath, a pesco-vegetarian(which is believed to be the healthiest type of vegetarianism) and practitioner of integrated organic farming. He is the owner of Rapha Valley Farm located at Brgy Kumaluskos, Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros, Occidental.

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Rapha Valley, came from Jehovah-Rapha meaning “The Lord our Healer” is a “organic” farm which produces self sustainable and organically grown crops such as lettuce, turmeric, asparagus, gotu kola, oregano, basil, and many more.

I came to visit Rapha Valley Organic Farm together with other bloggers and we’re welcomed upon arrival by Dr. Alberto Jo himself and his personnel.
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Each of us were given a frozen towel with citronella scent. A perfectly refreshing welcome treat and since it is a farm, insects are present so the citronella really helps.

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Another treat were given… WELCOME SNACKS!!! “Carrot-Lanka” juice and a different kind of Puto called “Black Rice Puto” which comes with two specialty organic sauce the “Cashew Herb Cheese” and “Bloodless and meatless Dinuguan Pattè”.

Discussions were made and I really learned a lot from Dr. Alberto Jo. He is like a walking encyclopedia of herbal and organic information! (Kinda hard to absorb everything! Hahaha: Information overload!!!) but here are some points that I have learned during his lecture.

* Adults don’t need to drink milk anymore because as we age we are losing the ezymes needed to digest milk. One alternative is to eat Malunggay which is very high source of Calcium. 1/8 cup of Moringa or Malunggay will give you a Calcium of four (4) cups of Milk, Vitamin C of seven (7) oranges, Potassium of Three (3) bananas and Vitamin A of four (4) Carrots.

* Meat is not for human consumption because our body is not designed to digest that. But if you really can’t help it to eat meat, You can choose grass-fed cow and organic pig fed with herbs and grasses because grass and herbs are cleaner compared to the corn based food being fed to other livestocks(well, most of the poultry and livestocks). Whatever the livestocks/poultry animals eat and with the effect of that, it also goes with the person who eats them.

* Dr Alberto Jo revealed, “Our burgers are all coming from the United States, from the most expensive to the cheapest comes from the U.S. The US meat, beef,is the dirtiest meat all over the world because Philippines cannot produce its own meat for every Filipino so we buy from the US,which is the lended cost in the Philippines is only 50 pesos/Kilo. That’s what Mc Donald’s, and mga Angel’s Burger that’s what they use, ok?. And you know what that meat is? Because to produce 500 kilos in the Philippines of beef, you need 5 years, but the US meat they need only 14 months to produce 1200 pounds. And what is that meat? After they take the steak, the prime cuts of the meat the prime cuts of the cow, they ground everything. From the bones, to the eyes, to the in trails, to everything including what is inside the intestine. And tht’s what you get from the burgers, the meatloaf, the hotdogs that you have”

* Another revelation from Dr. Alberto Go “Sa Amerika dahil hindi namamatay ang mikrobyo, ano ginagawa nila?, they use the radiation, and what they use in America, they use the Cobalt 64 which we don’t use anymore for cancer patients because there are lots of side effects, so they use the Cobalt 64 because it’s cheap. So that’s what America is”

* “The sugar that they are using in America is very dangerous for all their products, the chocolates, the juices, all the chips because they are using high fructose corn syrup. Ang high fructose corn syrup that is in your chocolate that is why Hersheys and Cadbury are cheap because they are using crystalline sugar and that destroys our sugar in Negros kasi mura eh 650/bag a 50kg bag ng asukal nila. Ours in Negros , our own sugar is 1250 per 50kg bag. Kaya ang lahat ng manufacturer ng softdrinks, they are using high fructose corn syrup and the problem with high fructose corn syrup is you know already the GMO, na mayroon siyang Bacillus thuringiensis which is pesticide and they process it four hours only and the easiest way to separate the syrup and the dirt is Caustic soda which is full of “Mercury”. That is why when you drink softdrinks, you read your softdrinks now in cans it says there sugar plus high fructose corn syrup or they put there only corn syrup. That corn syrup is very dangerous because the mercury goes to your brain and causes Alzheimer.

* “The chips from the US is corn-based only and potato based. Because that’s the excess and all of that is GMO, lahat na yan’ ng corn and potato nila may Bacillus Thuringiensis at may round up germicide. Plus they are using high fructose corn syrup and MSG which kills your brain cells.”

* It is much better to eat fish with scales than fish without scales because the scales serves as protection from pollution in the sea.

* That white rice only contains sugar. at all compared to brown rice, red rice and black rice.

*That products that says “No MSG” actually contains Alternative chemicals with the same function as MSG. So if you see these chemicals Tartrazine, Yellow color 150 or Yellow color 100 something they are all MSG and very dangerous to your health!

*KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR FOOD! Even if you are eating vegetable, fruits or fish doesn’t mean you are healthy. The big question is where do these fruits, vegetables and fishes came from?How do these food raised. Mostly of the vegetable and fruit items that we see in Supermarkets or public markets are raised by conventional farmers who uses chemical-based pesticides which is greatly absorbed by their crops that when ingested by humans eventually can lead to health problems. It is much better to choose organically grown crops because organic farmers never uses chemical fertilizers but instead uses natural fertilizers and methods.

* Calamansi is Alkaline not acidic. All the lemon and limes are alkaline.

*THIS IS MY FAVORITE which I will definitely do: Dr. Alberto Jo thought us a 3-day Detoxification/Slimming process which can actually help you lose weight about 3-5 lbs and some up to 10lbs per week. This formulation is a complete meal in itself so you will not experience weakness. You can still do light or walking exercises.

Here’s how:

You will need:
1 Liter Water
20pcs. Calamansi
2 tbsp. Black strap molasses
1/8 tsp. Cayenne pepper

Extract the juice from the calamansi and mix it together with other ingredients.

Drink 3 to 4 liters per day for 3 consecutive days without any food intake except water.
When you have urge of hunger take it.

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After a very educational lecture from Dr. Albert Jo, he accompanied us and toured us around the farm

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Different plants, herbs and fruits and even flowers were available in the farm for medicinal, botanical and culinary purposes.

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There is one part of the garden where Dr. Jo do vertical gardening, in order to maximize space and of course like other organic farms that we visited, Rapha Valley Organic Farm also uses Vermicompost for better nourishment of the soil.

The farm only uses its crops for visitors, guest and personal consumption . Rapha Valley Farm are not selling their produce commercially.

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And for the last part of the tour, we were served a very healthy lunch.

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I love the arrangement of the table, the classical music continously playing in the background added to the relaxing ambiance of the place.

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Food were cooked on low fire to preserve enzymes and uses earthen pots for added minerals in the food. The resto has a nice ambiance with a nice view of the farm and mountains.

Did you know?

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Dr. Albert Jo does not allow his staff to eat meat when they are in the farm. And it is a must for them to eat salad first before eating the main course of their meals.

The food was great, the place is amazing because it is self sustainable. Wishing to have this kind of farm where you can just pick and eat raw and natural food.

Overall, I enjoyed and learned a lot from Dr. Albert Jo. He is never selfish to share his know about and know how when it comes to Organic and how eating organic changes his life and made him well. TWO THUMBS UP!.

Changing your lifestyle is not easy, you cannot do it overnight but for you to be able to achieve the shift you have to develop it first as your habit.

It was really a blessing for me me to become a part of the OA Bloggers Group (OA means “Organic Agriculture”) where we travel to different organic farms and be able to learn and disseminate what we have learned to our readers, sharing them the gift of “natural and organic food” from God.

For more information and reservation, you may contact:

Dr.Alberto Jo



(034) 437-0816

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator