Zest-O Newest Line of Fruit Juices… Zest-O Slice!

Zest-O Newest Line of Fruit Juices... Zest-O Slice!


Zest-O has been giving quality fruit juices over the years. With its continuous innovation to serve delicious and affordable refreshment, Zest-O came up with another product in line with their fruit juices… Introducing Zest-O SLICE fruit juice drinks. A healthy drink that will surely entice your tastebuds and will bring a different kind of burst of fruit flavor in your mouth.


Each Zest-O SLICE is fortified with Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc that will help boost your immune system.


Zest-O SLICE fruit juices comes in 355ml bottle with four amazing fruit flavors to choose from.



Orange – A refreshing taste of citrus orange, that will quench your thirst. Orange flavored juice has been a popular product of Zest-O since my childhood years and I must say, I’m loving it more!.


Dalandan- This flavor brings the mild twist of Dalandan flavor that will surely fit your taste. For me, this flavor is quite the least among other flavors of Zest-O Slice.


Grapple- is a combination of Grapes and Apple. When I tasted it, the grape flavor dominate in this juice drink. Which is not bad after all since I like grapes better than apple flavor 🙂


Mango Bursts- is a combination of Mango and Strawberry. This is my personal favorite. The flavor of mango and strawberry jive together to make a fusion of flavor to taste awesome. I love it!



With Zest-O Slice fruit juices , you, your friends and your family will surely enjoy the bursting fruit flavors that will satisfy your thirst.

Zest-O Slice is available in leading supermarkets or Sari-sari stores. Best served when chilled.

SRP 20Php

For more info and updates, you may visit Zest-O Slice Facebook Page

Zest-O Slice Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ZestoSlice

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com