Maxi-Peel Launches Gandang Career Movement

Maxi-Peel Launches Gandang Career Movement

Maxi-Peel just launched their newest campaign, the Gandang Career Movement, which aims to empower working women and seeks to motivate them so that they can achieve new accomplishments and move up on their chosen careers.

Of course Maxi-Peel does not only want its users to become more beautiful and confident, the brand also wanted them to improve one’s personality, embrace every change that’s coming in their way and recognize their value as a professional inside out.
the Gandang Career Movemement

This is the reason why Splash Corporation, makers of Maxi-Peel partnered with Dale Carnegie Training, People Management Association of the Philippines(PMAP) and a dermatologist to do some on-the-ground talks for the Gandang Career Movement caravan. The talks will be focusing on personality development, success driven performance, skills enhancement, and leadership training. Free derma consultations on skin care are also offered.

Gandang Career Movement has 3 key elements in the Filipina’s road to success:

  1. The beauty and vision where setting goals and harnessing one’s capabilities to have a rewarding career are made.
  2. The beauty of passion where dedication and commitment to keep going are underscored.
  3. The beauty of you where one’s winning beauty and personality are enhanced so you can shine.

 Gandang Career Movement

During the launch, Maxi-Peel’s brand ambassador/vblogger Jefferlyn Serrano,  entertained the guests with an energetic dance number. Jefferlyn has been very vocal of her dreams of becoming a celebrity someday. But due to her stubborn pimples, getting to stardom is like a dream fading away. She’s been using Maxi-Peel products for more than a month now and I can see significant improvements on her face already. 

In time, Jefferlyn will get there. Now that her confidence is building up, she can do anything without hesitations unlike before.

Maxi-Peel has been helping women through the years with their amazing products. Boosting the confidence of each women as they face the world feeling beautiful and changing their lives for the better. 

Don’t miss the chance to explore new opportunities and possibilities.

Watch out for the Gandang Career Movement caravan in participating corporate offices nationwide.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/