Pili Beauty and Wellness Opens its Newest Branch in Shangri-La Mall

Pili Beauty and Wellness Opens its Newest Branch in Shangri-La Mall

Few years back, I was able to experience the field of organic farming in the Philippines through different trips to organic farms. From there, my facination about anything organic grew and it influenced me a lot especially whenever I buy stuff like plant seedlings, food, even cosmetics and skin care.

Pili Beauty and Wellness Opens its Newest Branch in Shangri-La Mall

Speaking of organic cosmetics and skin care, there’s one brand in the market right now that caught my attention. Yes it’s organic, but aside from that reason, It also uses Pili as one of its ingredients. Yes the Pili that we all love to munch on and a popular raw ingredient used in some pasalubongs from Bicol province.

Have you heard about Pili Beauty and Wellness? It is the first and only cosmetics and wellness brand to use 100% organic Pili and Elemi oil as its base and active ingredients on their products. Cool right? I never imagined that Pili can be utilized for beauty and wellness purposes. But it is made possible.

There are special benefits that Pili oil has to offer. such as:

  • Contains natural Vit E
  • Has moisturizing properties
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

Elemi oil on the other hand has the following benefits:

  • facilitates skin firming
  • Has anti bacterial function

Just recently, I attended Pili Beauty and Wellness’ store opening in Shangri-La Mall Mandaluyong and was able to see its beauty and wellness line of products such as soap, lotion, mask, oils, lipstick, lip balm, lip and cheek tint, deodorant, vapor balm, mosquito repellant,  and essential oils.

I have tried one of the essential oil before which is the Bug Me Not and find it really effective. I am curious though about their cosmetic line.


  • BUY PILI BEAUTY AND WELLNESS PRODUCTS and help our local PILI industry, particularly Bicol’s local farmers.
  • Pili oil is hypo-allergenic. But it is best to do a spot allergy test first before applying the product on your desired area.  Apply on small portion on your body before actual application of the products. Better be sure than sorry.

So if you are looking for organic products for beauty and wellness(like what I mentioned earlier), you might want to consider Pili Beauty and Wellness products and drop by at their newly opened branch in Shangri-La mall Mandaluyong.


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Written by Cristelle Torres
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