How To Shave Your Eyebrows In 3 Steps


Shaving eyebrows could be a traumatic experience for first timers when not done right. It’s really hard especially when you are not used to doing it. Well, you could always go to the salons but it would cost you a few bucks.



I admit, I also have thick eyebrows and that’s my dilemma since my college days. Before, my friend used to groom it which was really nice, but then we graduated. I tried to groom them myself. Sometimes I get the shape that I want, but most of the times… terrible! Hahahah!  I learned one technique that helped me trim and shave them perfectly.  I’m gonna teach you step by step on how to do it too.  All you need to prepare is a concealer stick, a razor, and tissue.


STEP 1: Using the concealer stick, apply it on your eyebrows to shape it the way you want your eyebrows to be shaped. This will serve as your guide when you get to the shaving part which I wil show you later on. By the way, I’m using here a Features & Shades Concealer stick. Do it as well in the other side.

How To Shave Eyebrows For Beginners (1)

This is how it looked like after concealer application.  Well, as I said earlier it’s up to you whichever shape that you want for your eyebrows.


STEP 2: Using a razor, start shaving your eyebrows carefully by following the pattern made using the concealer. Do it as well in the other side. Be mindful that razors are very sharp, you can injure yourself if you will not be careful.

How To Shave Eyebrows For Beginners cleaning

STEP 3: Grab a tissue and wipe off the concealer left after shaving. You can also use a make-up remover or just wash it off with water. 🙂

How To Shave Eyebrows For Beginners after

How To Shave Eyebrows For Beginners After photo

That’s it! So easy right? I know you can do it. So here’s the aftermath of my shaping/shaving task. You may not do it perfectly in your first try but hey, practice makes perfect. You can enhance the look of your eyebrows more by using an eyebrow powder or a simple eyeliner. Just in case you shaped it wrong, your eyeliner will be your savior. 🙂

Hope this 3-step eyebrow shaping/shaving tutorial will help you achieve a perfectly shaped eyebrows. Share this to your friends and loved ones. 🙂


Written by Cristelle Torres
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