Chillin’ At The Roof deck Bar by Meranti

Roof deck Bar by Meranti

Looking for a place to chill out with your friends? Or take your special date somewhere really different? There’s a new place in town located strategically in the heart of Quezon City, The Roof deck Bar by Meranti.
The Roofdeck Bar by Meranti

Just recently, Roof Deck Bar by Meranti invited me together with other bloggers to experience the newly opened spot. I brought with me my fiance’, Rey Belen of, so we can see the place for ourselves and try what this new bar has to offer.Roof deck Bar by Meranti

Roof Deck Bar by Meranti is seated at the penthouse floor of the Meranti Hotel, one of the growing brands under the Max’s group Inc., where you can see the view of the city skyline plus the scenic view of the sunset.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti

When we entered the bar, the staff welcomed us with a big smile and assisted us to our seats. There’s also live music playing bossa, jazz and other easy-listening repertoir which are somewhat relaxing to the ear unlike other bars that the music is too loud, and when you go out it’s as if your deaf already.

Of course any night out will not be complete without the booze and food. Well, It’s always nice to chat with friends while drinking and munching on good food. So Roofdeck Bar by Meranti served us different dishes from appetizers, to main dishes, to desserts, and their cocktail drinks.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti Drinks


You can choose among Mojito, Blue Lagoon, and Tequila Sunrise. Served with Nachos. Too bad, I’m allegic to alcohol or any kind of liquor so just took a photo of these cocktail drinks.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Tortilla chips served with homemade sauces such as Marinara, Sour Cream and Cheese Sauce.  The sour cream sauce taste some kind of different than the usual sour cream sauces that I have tasted before. It has a tinge if lemon in it.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Lightly coated with seasoned flour and fried to perfection. Served with marinara sauce. Calamari or Calamares is always been one of the top choice for beer match and it’s nice that they included it to their menu. This dish is quite salty for me but it is well-cooked and easy to chew.


Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Well, I don’t know the name of this appetizer( hahha sorry) but will call it Mozzarella sticks anyway. Well seasones and not overcooked. I always love mozzarella not just on pizza but also as a dish itself. The bland taste of it is so addicting.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


This three-layered salmon fish cake is somewhat unique for my taste it’s like i’m eating fried mashed potato with salmon in it. I love the taste of it overall. The Arugula leaves also added some flavor to every bite.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Beef cubes perfectly sauted with garlic and worcestershire sauce. It’s is not only good to be paired with beer but also with rice! hahaha! It would be a perfect ulam as well.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti

Chicken Inasal(P320)

Marinated in a mixture of lime, pepper, vinegar and annato grilled over hot coals while basted with marinate. This one is really good, well it may be kinda pricey for the serving bbut this is one of the dishes that you might want to consider oredering when you go to Roof deck bar by Meranti. The flavor really seeps in to the meat of the chicken. The atchara is really good too.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Milanese specialty of crossed-cut beef shanks braised with tomato, vegetables, white wine and broth. At first, I thought that it was a giant meatball. Actually, I think that’s the idea of it since it is on top of the pasta. The beef shanks are well marinated where you can taste its rich flavor on every bite. It blends well with the tomato-based sauce.

If I will not look at the price of this dish, this is something that I would order again in the future.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


Cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and sour ceam topping. I love cheesecakes! This one is kind different. I can really taste the cheese in every bite. Super rich cheese taste. The sour cream gave the cheesecake a little twist of flavor as well.

Roof deck Bar by Meranti


 A different kind of alcohol-based dessert in jelly. This one is really unique. Again, too bad I can’t taste it since I’m allergic. Well by the looks of it, it’s pretty interesting.
Roof Deck Bar by Meranti is open every two weeks(weekends) of the 15th and 30th of the month. Live music is also available during those schedule. During regular days, you can order the above meals downstais at Maple at Meranti(no live music).

Roof Deck Bar by Meranti is located at Penthouse floor of Meranti Hotel at 82 Scout Castor, Bgy. Laging Handa,Quezon City. For more information about Roof Deck Bar by Meranti, you may visit or visit their website

Written by Cristelle Torres
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