The Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye Campaign

Maxi peel Tunay Serye Campaign

The Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye Campaign, first of its kind in the Philippines, is a web-based  reality web show that features REAL-life women with REAL skin problems like acne or pimples. In this reality show, for the first time, a girl shares her day to day journey using the Maxi-Peel products which helped her achieve better skin.

Tunay Serye Campaign

Meet the very first star of the Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye Campaign, Jefferlyn Serrano or simply Jeff. Jeff is a 20-year-old college grad who dreamed of being an actress one day. She actually joined several talent search programs, talent shows, and auditioned to different modelling and commercial gigs. With all that eagerness, there’s one thing that kept her from achieving her dreams. What is that? Her skin. Specifically, her pimples. As her pimples increased, it does affect her confidence the other way around making her self-esteem really low.

With Maxi-Peel Tunay Serye, bear to witness Jeff’s journey to #BagongGandaBagongPagasa, a journey to newly iproved skin, and new hope that will unveil right before your eyes… Watch the videos below to see her Day 1 to 6 journey:







I really love this kind of idea. At least you know that the brand really works. I hope this campaign can also inspire other brands to use real women or men with real problems either skin, hair, etc. than just claiming that their product works for seven days or so. I have tried several products due to advertisements thinking that it would work on me but those products failed me. That’s just false advertising. At least now with Maxi-peel, they can really show that their products work through a day to day online diary of women using their products.

Tunay Serye

One of Jeff’s dream is to meet her idol and inspiration, Maxi-Peel’s celebrity brand ambassador, Marian Rivera-Dantes. and just recently, that dream became a reality.

Tunay Serye

Marian Rivera-Dantes is a long time Maxi-Peel ambassador who has provided inspiration and motivation to Maxi-Peel users like Jeff. With Jeff meeting her idol would really ignite the fire more in pursuing her dreams of becoming an atrist. And with the help of Maxi-Peel erradicating her pimples, her road to stardom is really a possiblity.

You too can accompany Jeff in her journey towards #BagongGandaBagongPagasa and catch her daily post through Maxi-Peel’s Facebook Page. Plus get educated on the proper usage of the Maxi-Peel day and night regimen.

Maxi-peel Tunay Serye

Maxi peel Tunay Serye

Thank you so much Maxi-Peel for my very own personal Maxi-Peel regimen kit! 🙂

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