My Ngong Ping Village Tour in Lantau Island (Part 1)

Ngong Ping Village

Ngong Ping Village is one of the cultural tourist locations in Lantau Island that you might want to consider visiting when you are in Hong Kong. This 1.5-hectare village is where you can find the famous Bodhi Wishing ShrineNgong Ping Piazza, Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Di Tan.

Ngong Ping Village

It was my first time in Hong Kong, my second out-of-the-country trip and I’m very much excited to tour around. With different destinations and attractions in Hong Kong, we DEFINITELY included Ngong Ping Village in our itenerary. Don’t forget to include in yours too 🙂



  • Ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo (ordinary ferry takes around 50-55 minutes while the fast ferry takes around 35-40 minutes). Then take bus 2 and get off at Ngong Ping bus terminus (the bus journey takes around 40 minutes).
  • MTR Tung Chung Station, Exit B. From the bus terminus next to the MTR station, take bus 23 to Ngong Ping bus terminus (the journey takes about 50 minutes).
  • MTR Tung Chung Station, Exit B and go to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. Take a 25-minute cable car ride to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal.


Ngong Ping Village (6)

As for me and my group, we chose the roundtrip Standard Cable Car ride. You can choose between the standard cabin (ordinary)or the crystal cabin where you can see clearly everything under(not for the faint-hearted and with fear of heights haha.) The travel time is about 25 minutes from Tung Chung station. You may refer to the prices below and visit for more details and tour packages.

CHILD(3-11)- HK$95
SENIOR(65+)- HK$130
SENIOR(65+)- HK$205
1+1 Standard & Crystal Round Trip Cable Car
SENIOR(65+)- HK$190
Ngong Ping Village
Even though I’m scared most of the time(I’m afraid of heights), I managed to keep my eyes open to appreciate the view of the city, airport and the greenery. Wow! It’s just so amazing. How I wish we can have something like this in the Philippines(the cable car ride).
Ngong Ping Village
Ngong Ping Village
Ngong Ping Village
Ngong Ping Village
As we travel our way up going to the village, we started to feel the cold air. Whoooohooo! I love it!
 Ngong Ping Village
 And here’s the Ngong Ping 360 station in the village. There’s also a souvenir shop beside it. So just in case that you might want to take home some memorabilia like keychain, t-shirt, ref magnet and many more you can drop by there before you ride again going back to the city.
Ngong Ping Village

Actually, I don’t know what this is, I just took a photo of it. hahhaha!

Ngong Ping Village

Spotted a monk at Ngong Ping Village. I believe most  or all of them just walk from the foot of the mountain all the way up to the village as part of their ritual or penitention.

Ngong Ping Village

Bodhi Wishing Shrine. The Wishing Tree or popularly known as Bodhi Tree or Bo Tree is said to be the “Tree of Awakening”. It was where Siddhartha meditated “Who am I and why am I here?”. Under this tree, He received enlightenment and eventually became a Buddha.

Apparently, I was not able to capture the whole of it. I mean the tree. hahaha(Sorry).

Ngong Ping Village

These are actual wishes from locals and tourists. There is a legend there saying that wishes made under the Bodhi Tree will come true.

Bodhi Wishing Shrine

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You too can write your own wish and post it at the Bodhi Wishing Shrine. How? Once you purchase any item worth HK$150 or more at Ngong Ping 360 Souvenir Shops, you can redeem your very own wishing card and post it yourself. Who knows your wish might come true. 🙂

Ngong Ping Village

Ngong Ping Village

If you are hungry, don’t worry because there are lots of food establishments to choose from. 🙂

Lantau Island


Ngong Ping

This is the New Pai Lau ornamental archway. It was built based on the northern architectural style of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911).
Ngong Ping Village (29)Awww… Look at that dog. Don’t worry thay are friendly. But of course dogs do have mood swings as well, so be careful. 🙂
Bodhi path

This is the Ngong Ping Buddha Path. This central walkway to Di Tan, where religious ceremonies are occasionally held. If you will walk through the Buddha path, you will see on both sides statues of the Twelve Divine Generals and 40 lotus-shaped lanterns.

Bodhi path

The Twelve Divine Generals are said to be the protectors in Buddhism and each of them is responsible for guarding a  section for two hours each day. Thes 12 generals also represent the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, each indicated on their crowns.

Bodhi path

Look! lots of sleeping dogs. How cute. They are just roaming around with the tourist. Well, the village is their home. 🙂

That’s all for now. Actually, there’s more to see, so I decided to divide my Ngong Ping Village tour into two. You might want to read my next travel post, My Ngong Ping Village Tour in Lantau Island Hong Kong (Part 2) to see the rest of my Ngong Ping tour experience like the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Di Tan, etc. . 🙂



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