Personalized Fashion Styling Online: How I Got Styled by StyleGenie?

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I am a person with a very simple taste in fashion. A blouse, polo, shirt, or denim jacket with simple inner blouse, cardigan, black leggings or denim pants, and white sneakers-These practically sums up my fashion style. I know what you are thinking. Those were very safe choices. Well it’s true.

The reason behind why I kept on choosing these fashion pieces above that I mentioned is just i’m quite hesitant to try out other styles. Or maybe i’m scared and not confident enough. For me, as long as I’m comfortable and look presentable- i’m ok with it. Please don’t think that I’m not interested in fashion. I’m very much into it(but it just doesn’t show hahahha) Actually, I love looking on OOTD photos online and how I wish I can wear those styles too.

But you know what? I realized that there’s more for me to explore when it comes to fashion. That I can express myself more on different styles. How I wish I have my personal styling guru so I can wear the right pieces and combinations. And so I found StyleGenie!, my fashion savior.

Personalized Fashion Styling Online: How I Got Styled by StyleGenie?



StyleGenie, founded in August 2016 by creative, fashion-forward women who are passionate about bringing an alternative way of shopping for clothes that serve all sizes, ages, and shapes. This fashion platform will match your style needs and wants and will be curated by experienced stylists! So, you’re definitely far from becoming a fashion don’t.

So… How I got styled up by StyleGenie? Here’s how it works.


STEP 1: Create your StyleGenie account and fill up your  Style Profile.

I really like this feature of StyleGenie. In fairness, the site is really user-friendly. When you are creating your style profile, all you need to know is your exact body size, color, textile, and style preferences then just choose what’s fit for you. You can even upload a picture of your style preference and mention which part of your body that you want to emphasize and which ones you want to hide. (if there’s any)


STEP 2: Choose a StyleBox

You can choose from StyleGenie’s various styleboxes.  They have “Style by Budget” options which are Lite Stylebox(Php999), Basic(Php1,999), Deluxe(Php2,999) and Premium(Php5,999). They also have other style boxes by suitable on specific occassions such as Business Smarts, Glam For A Date, Travel Fair, Family Celebrations, Life of the Party, and Insta OOTD- ALL priced at Php1,999!

Personalized Fashion Styling Online: How I Got Styled by StyleGenie?

For this part, I chose Insta OOTD style box where I will be getting two(2) fashion items and accessories. So exciting!


STEP 3: Add your order to cart, Pay for your order.

Personalized Fashion Styling Online: How I Got Styled by StyleGenie?

StyleGenie has different payment options that you can choose from. Please see photo above. I chose COD(Cash on delivery). Then after I placed my order, I received an order confirmation via email and then few days after, another email to inform me that my order is on its way for delivery.

To be honest, I was really anxious-excited on what will I receive, since I have no idea what would the StyleGenie expert stylist will choose for me based on the style preferences that I provided. I was really hoping that it would fit me well and the style will suit my taste. But just in case that I don’t like it, or it will not fit me, StyleGenie has a 14-day replacement guarantee.


STEP 4: Dress up! 

So… my StyleGenie Insta OOTD Style box already arrived. I’ve got a white long shirt, a cullote pants, and a bracelet(please see photo to see the fashion items- purse, shades and sandals not included on the stylebox).

Personalized Fashion Styling Online: How I Got Styled by StyleGenie?

This personalized note also came with the box. I love it. My style genie even suggested what accessories and shoes should I wear to complete my OOTD look. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I really appreciate it.

Finally, I’m glad to share with you my StyleGenie Insta OOTD look! What do you think of this look?

At first I was hesitant to wear it because I need to tuck in the shirt to the pants. And usually, tucked-ins styles are a no no for me because it does not look good on me most of the time or maybe all the time hahaha!. But StyleGenie proved me wrong. What they provided me suited by body shape and I love it! This will definitely change my outlook of me wearing this kind of style. Thanks StyleGenie!

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator