Fight Boredom At Home With These Fun Online Games

Online games

In this modern era, leisure and entertainment is readily available in just a few taps and clicks on your smartphone or desktop. Especially now that there’s a pandemic going on and most people were asked to just stay and work at home. With that happening, we know that we can get bored at times- or maybe we can get fed up with work, or doing house chores. Definitely, you’ll need a breather to free your mind from stress and boredom.

There are a lot of things you can do to de-stress and to take away that boredom. You can watch movies and just be a couch potato, or you can stretch those muscles and pump your heart by doing some workout routines. How about some beauty makeover and pampering like coloring your hair, do mani pedis, applying makeup, dressing up and do OOTD shots. Or you can play online games to have some fun.

Online gaming is very well-liked not only by children but also adults- because it is fun!. Thanks to technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, internet, and creative game makers, online games are more accessible today than ever before and most of them are FREE!.

There are a lot of interesting games that you can find online. Sports Games, first person shooter(FPS), board games, arcade, action and adventure games, puzzle, card games, and many more. Some of it could be very challenging and will test your patience and intelligence 😂, but most of the time you will still have fun and it is still worth giving your time.

In my search for online games, I found these three fun games which matches my interest. I suggest that you play these games on bigger screens such as desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Pyramid Solitaire

Fight Boredom At Home With These Fun Online Games

I love playing this Pyramid Solitaire card game because it is not that complicated like other card games. Interface wise, it is easy to navigate. The icons are big enough to notice.  The game loads easily and is running smoothly as well.

HOW TO PLAY: The objective of this game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. You can remove the cards in pairs and the sum of the two cards must be equal to thirteen(13). For example, a Jack and a two can be paired and removed together, as they add up to a total of thirteen. Kings cards can be removed without the need to match.  You have 3 deals chances. Use it wisely to help you pair up on the cards on the tableau.

Just to give you an idea regarding the value of the cards such as Aces, Queens, Jacks, Kings and others, here’s your guide:

  • Aces = One(1)
  • Numerical cards= As is.  2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=5 and so on. 
  • Jacks= Eleven(11) 
  • Queens= Twelve(12)
  • Kings= Thirteen(13) 


  • Each match of two different values is five points.
  • Kings are five points.
  • Each row you remove from the pyramid is also worth additional points:
    • The bottom row is 25 points.
    • The second row is 50 points.
    • The third row is 75 points.
    • The fourth row is 100 points.
    • The fifth row is 150 points.
    • The sixth row is 250 points.
    • The seventh row is 500 points.
    • The maximum card score you can get if you use all cards in the draw pile is 1,255
  • Finishing the game quickly can also score bonus points.
  • In this game the max time score is set to 999 and then it subtracts a point for each second. So if you beat the game in 8 minutes and 21 seconds it would subtract 501 points (for 501 seconds) and award you 498 time-based bonus points.
  • Max score that you can get is 2,254 if you finish the game in no time.

Daily Word Search Puzzle

Fight Boredom At Home With These Fun Online Games

Word Search. I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid- simply because I love the challenge of finding hidden words in scrambled letters. Back then, I was using the paper book version Word Search Puzzle. As the technology continues to develop, so are these kind of games. Good thing that I can play this now online thru Daily Word Search Puzzle on my laptop or tablet.

What I like about the Daily Word Search Puzzle is that I can choose the puzzle grid size that I want.  There’s 12×12, 14×14 or 16×16. At the lower left corner of the game, you’ll find different user-friendly buttons that you can click to pause the game, restart the level, turn music and sound on or off, and switch between normal and full screen.

Fight Boredom At Home With These Fun Online Games

Just in case you’re done with the puzzle and want another one to solve, just simply click the date that can be found on the left panel. From there a calendar will pop up and you can choose a date to change the word search puzzle.

There’s also a timer showing how much time you have spent on the puzzle.

Daily Word Search Puzzle is so fun to play. Finding words on different arrangements like forward, backward, up, down, or diagonal is really challenging. But once you get to finish one puzzle, you’ll definitely want to finish more.

Hidden Princess Hidden Objects Game

Fight Boredom At Home With These Fun Online Games

If you love the Daily Word Search Puzzle, then you will also love the Hidden Princess Hidden Objects Game. This game is gonna test your visual skills and patience. You’ll start the game with 30 moves, so you have to use each turn wisely.

There are 6 object categories that you need to find(10 shoes, 10 ribbons, 20 swords, 25 crowns, 30 numbers, and 30 roses). I suggest that you search one category at a time because if you use up some of your turns and jump from one category to another then you will run out of turns before you complete any category. For example, go search for the ribbon first, then once you’ve found all of it, go to the next category. To help you search for the objects, you may zoom or double tap the image to zoom in or out.

Unlike other hidden objects online games, clicking where there is nothing will not cost you a move, which is good. If you need help in finding the object, this game offers 3 hints per level and choose which item category you want the hint on and it will show you where to find the object.

I suggest playing this game on bigger screens like laptop or tablet to enjoy it more.


How about you? What online games do you play to fight boredom at home? Comment it down below.

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/