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Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

“Red days” are just natural days when it comes to a woman’s life. Too bad we have to endure all the discomforts alongside with th feeling of getting worried that you might have side leaks or back leaks.

I, myself experienced a very embarassing moment when I had my period way back when I was still practicing as a nurse in a government hospital. Imagine me, wearing white uniform going around and checking my patients from time to time.

I know that I have my period then(I’m on my 2nd day of menstruation) and I’m using a known brand of sanitary napkin here in the Philippines that USED TO have my confidence. My heavy flow usually starts on the 2nd day and that day,  it was really really heavy. It’s like I can feel the flow kinda heavy. During my 8-hour shift, I have changed my sanitary napkin twice. And during our endorsement, I felt that my pants is kinda wet in the groin area. Curious of what it is, As I stand up, to my surprise… BLOOOOOOOD!!!! in the chair, on my pants’groin and lower butt area. Got side leaks! and back leaks as well! A very enormous leak. Imagine how embarassing that situation was for me. My workmates just witnessed a crime scene! BLOODY NOOOO!!! I want to shrink. I don’t have extra clothes to change and I will be going home wearing the sae clothes. EWWW right? But yes, I kinda have to. I don’t have any choice.

But thankfully, my workmates were very understanding and one of them even lend me a jacket so I can cover the stains as I go home. That doesn’t end my dilemma. Since I don’t have my own car, I need to ride on a public transportation in order to get home.  I feel so paranoid the whole time. Thinking that the blood on my  pants might stick to the seats of the jeepney. Thankfully it didn’t and thank you jacket for shielding the seats from my blood stains until I got home.

For sure there are a lot of women out there who got some humiliating experiences with their period days. Some may be worser than mine.

Finding the right napkin and panty liners suitable for you is really hard. It’s like a trial and error thing. So in my search for the best napkin suitable for me, I then tried one of the sanitary napkin choices in the Philippine market today.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

The Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin And Liners.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin And Liners

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin And Liners offers scientifically-formulated Anion strip which releases negative charged ions that bringsa lot of benefits such as:

  • Prevention of bacteria.
  • Reduces feminine discomfort/dysmenorrhea.
  • Eliminates unwanted odor.
  • Fights against vaginal irritations and infection.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Lowers stress levels and boosts energy levels.
  • Acts as a natural ant-depressant.
  • Strengthen immune system.

So, the first in the list that I have tried and still using until today is the Jeunesse Anion Panty Liner.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Anion Panty Liner

I admit, I’m a regular panty liner  user. That’s beacause it is normal to a female’s life to have vaginal discharge, it may sound gross specially for guys, but it is a healthy way for a womans’s body to get rid of fluid and old cells. Of course, I wouldn’t want those secetions go directly on my undies. I don’t like the feeling of it. It also protects my undies from being soiled whenever I take a pee. The only downside about Jeunesse panty liner is the adhesive. It is not that sticky enough to stick well on my undies but other than that, I’m loving the product.

I’ve been using the Jeunesse Anion Panty Liner for quite some time now, and I must say it really help to lessen the odor and I noticed that my PMS cramps and symptoms are not that much as I used to feel.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad


Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Ultra Night Pad

So my period just arrived. Most of the time, on my first day of period, I usually experience severe dysmenorrhea. I am actually useless and incapable of doing anything because I am just on the bed, trying to bear the pain. But now, to my surprise, I feel lesser pain. Yes there’s still pain but it was tolerable enough and were able to go out and do some errands. .

On my first day and second day of period which is my heavy flow days, I used the Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad with wings at night and Jeunesse Ultra Night Pad during the day. This prevented me from leaving blood stains on my bed due to side leaks and back leaks. I love how absorbent Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin, no back and side leaks on my 1st and 2nd day. Yipee!

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad

On the third day of my period which is moderate flow, I used the Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad. Just like the other Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin variants, all of them are ultra thin as if you are not wearing one. I love it.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Non-wing Pad

On the fourth day onwards, I used the Jeunesse Non-wing pad. Since my period is almost done, I used this variant as my end-period napkin and just like other Jeunesse variants, it lessens the odor down there and it’s comfortable while you are wearing it.

Then after my period ends, I shifted back to the Jeunesse Panty Liners for everyday freshness.

So, how absorbent  Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin And Liners are?.  Look how amazing the Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin on this dry test compared to the other brand. I took this video during the launch of Jeunesse’s endorser.

Overall, I love using Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin and Liners. This is the brand that i am looking for to use everytime that “red days” will come to visit me.

Jeunesse Sanitary Napkin and Liners are very different from other pads. It has an all-natural, non-woven and non-irritating material with super absorbent polymer. It promises superb absorbency, germ protection and lasting freshness specifically designed for modern day Filipina who is always on the go… Like me. 🙂


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