Benefits of Prayer in Couples

Benefits of Prayer in Couples

According to research, couples who prays together has a higher level of marital satisfaction and has lasting relationship. A prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian, so if you pray as a couple, greater faith, greater power and you can do greater things through Christ. If we take time to enjoy communicating with God and reading His word, we will enjoy a more meaningful life that only God can provide.

Benefits of praying together:


  1. SPIRITUAL GROWTH– Maturity in a relationship does not only mean for physical, emotional and financial aspect. Spiritual growth is also a must. That is why having the same faith is very important. You will not grow spiritually as a couple if you are having different spiritual beliefs. When you pray together, do QUIET TIME (devotion time) together, spiritual maturity comes in.
  2. BONDING- Praying together draws couple more to each other. Having a quiet time as a couple means QUALITY TIME as well.
  3. OPENNESS-When couples pray together, couples come to know the deepest fears, worries, doubts, needs, problems, hopes, and wishes of each other. Therefore, thru prayer couples become open to each other no hold barred. It is also a way of communicating not only to God but also to your partner.
  4. SPIRITUAL INTIMACY- Being one in prayer, two become one in prayer. . Prayer unites you spiritually. Building spiritual intimacy also keep couples from temptation. Every time you think of doing something not good(sexual intercourse-for unmarried couples) you stop for a while and pray.
  5. DEPENDENCE TO GOD- Prayer in couples promotes dependence to God. Usually, couples tend to solve their problems on their own, but when they include God and make Him the center of their relationship/marriage they seek God first and depend on God for everything.

Here’s a guide on how couples can do prayer together. (married and unmarried)

“If two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask, My Father in heaven will give it to you. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” –Matthew 18:19-20

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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