M&M’s Philippines Tour W/ Cool Characters!

M&M's Philippines Tour

Philippines is indeed a very beautiful country. Our country has different natural attractions that tourist all over the world are very fond of. Speaking of tourist, there’s a group of fun individuals who are visiting and will be touring  around the country to see its beauty and enjoy the richness of our heritage and culture .


Starting April 24-May 31, 2015, Mr Know-It-All” Red, cool Blue, optimist Yellow, sexy and confident Green and worrisome Orange  will commence their campaign, M&M’s Philippines Tour, to spread their own brand of spontaneous fun!

Meet the M&M’s Fun Characters:

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He’s as Bright as His Color. Also known as “Mr. Know-It-All”, Red likes to make decisions for everyone. He’s known to boss around the other M&M’S characters, especially Yellow.

Although arrogant at times, Red saves his friends from tight situations which is why he’s known to be the leader of the gang.

If you spend a day with Red, expect to step out of your comfort zone because he loves to take on challenges. He’ll challenge you to an arm wrestling contest to see who’s stronger between the both of you. He’ll never agree with your opinions but he will stimulate your brain cells in a healthy debate.

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He’s Cooler than the Other Side of Your Pillow

Also known as “Mr. Suave”, Blue has a James Dean personality that the ladies love. He is known to be the relaxed and easy going M&M’S character. Cool and talented, Blue enjoys playing his Saxophone during his leisure time.  You can expect a chillaxing day when hanging out with Blue. His ideas of fun are road-tripping and chilling on the hood of his car while listening to Herbie Hancock.

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He Gives the Warmest Hugs

 Also known as “Mr. Nice Guy”, Yellow is the optimist of the gang. He’s known to be the clingy best friend of Red and he follows Red around.

Although naive at times, Yellow never fails to keep his smile and fun personality in any type of situation.

If you’re having a bad day, Yellow is the M&M’S to call. He’ll surely turn your frown upside down. He’ll make silly faces, tell funny stories, and do crazy stunts just to see you smile. He’ll do anything to cheer you up! Expect to feel positivity and laughter when Yellow is around.

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She puts the Fab in Fabulous

Also known as “The Diva”, Green always gets her way with anything by using her beauty and charm. She’s known to be the go-getter of the gang.

Sexy and self-confident, Green knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get it.

You will enjoy a treat-your-self day with Green. She will take you out shopping, get your hair done and your nails painted too! Expect a total make-over when hanging out with Green because she believes that an M&M’S has to look good to feel good.

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He’s Worried

Also known as “Mr. Paranoid”, Orange is quite the worrisome ones. He’s always looking out to avoid anyone who tries to eat him.

Despite his paranoia, Orange carefully analyse situations before he jumps into doing something crazy with his friends.

Hang out indoors with Orange during a rainy day! You can enjoy playing board games, a competitive game of chest or even dominos but expect to take several hours to finish one game because he’ll second guess his every move, every time.

m&m's characters

These irresistable M&M’s characters are now here in Manila for a first hand experience of fun in the Philippines and to spread their own brand of spontaneous fun together with Luis Manzano as their tour guide.

As part of their Manila tour starting April 24-26, 2015, get a chance to meet your favorite M&M character at The Atrium, Eastwood Mall where M&M characters will be sharing the excitement of our favorite M&M’s Chocolate and merchandise. M&M characters will als be having their in-store appearances. Fans can also participate to the M&M’S POSE PINOY CONTEST.(Read details below)



Do you do the Pose Pinoy often? Do you love taking selfies? Would like to win exclusive items from M&M’S characters? Then we have the perfect contest for you! Join the M&M’S Pose Pinoy Contest.


  • Spot any M&M’S characters in store, be it a standee or a mascot.
  • Do a Pose Pinoy selfie with them. Make sure that it’s you on the photo together with the M&M’S characters.
  • Share your selfie on your social networking accounts with a witty caption and use the hashtag #MMSPH2015.
  • The Most creative Pose Pinoy Selfie which follows all mechanics stands a chance to win
  • Winners will be judged by Mars Inc team

Contest period is from April 24- 31st May 2015.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com