Gogi Nara: Your Authentic Korean Resto In Baguio City



I really love Korean food. I fell in love with it the moment I tasted it. That is why I was so happy that it is our first food stop for our Baguio food crawl. YUM! YUM! YUM!

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Gogi Nara, which is located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Baguio, offers wide array of authentic Korean dishes that will surely ignite your tastebuds to the highest level.

Well, I will not keep you waiting. I will share with you what our group had for lunch at Gogi Nara. It’s been a while and I can still remember how good their food were.

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Samgyeopsal(Pork Grill)- Php200

Hae-Mul(Sea food grill)-Php200

Cha-dol Balgi(Beef Grill)- Php300

Gogi Nara has a special sauce that comes with this meal. You can also put all the cooked ingredients on a lettuce, put the special sauce, wrap it and then eat it. Believe me it is really good. It has a very rich taste.

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Hae-mul-tang (Spicy Seafood Soup)- Large Php-900, Small Php600

This is Gogi Nara‘s signature dish. If you are sensitive to spicy food then be careful with this one because it is really spicy. It has a different kick of taste that you will definitely ask for more.

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kogi nara

Shabu-Shabu(Beef and seafood soup) Large-Php900, Small-Php600

This meal is really a tummy filler. Complete in one, this meal is also perfect to keep you warm for the cold  weather in Baguio.

Thank you so much Gogi Nara for the very sumptuous Korean meals. We really enjoyed a lot! BURP!!!

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gogi nara bloggers

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Photo Credits to Azrael Colladila

Here’s Gogi Nara’s Menu for your reference…

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Gogi Nara will give you a different kind of  Dining experience that you will never forget. Very affordable that is of great worth of your money. Will definitely go back and recommend this resto to others. Next time I will try their Ramyeon which is one of their specialty.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
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