Give That Foot-Popping Kiss Inside Dentiste Mystery Box

Give That Foot-Popping Kiss Inside Dentiste Mystery Box

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Have you been to BGC lately? Maybe you’ve been wondering and curious what is this mysterious box doing in front of Fully Booked?.

 It was yesterday February 13, 2015, when Dentiste, a toothpaste brand specializes in oral care, just unveiled something very timely for “Hearts day”.  I believe that a lot of Filipinos are still conservative and shy with regards to showing their affection to their special someone in public. With this scenario, Dentiste created a very unique concept which allows every couple, friends, families to show their  love and affection even in public…inside a silhouette mystery box .

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Dentiste Kiss Mystery Box Gbt1

Step inside the Dentiste Mystery Box and show the world how much you love him or her…

Dentiste Kiss Mystery Box Gbt5

Again, Dentiste Mystery Box In BGC is not only for couples but also for others like friends, family. or even just yourself.

Dentiste Kiss Mystery Box Gbt2

Ofcourse, me and my fiance Rey Belen of  did not miss the chance(once in a lifetime) of showing our love to public thru a kiss… We are also included in the video  which you can watch here Post by Dentiste Toothpaste Philippines.

Truly, Love is in the air!!! Celebrate #ValentinesDay and give your loved one a foot popping #DentisteKiss inside the #MysteryBoxInBGC.

#DentistekissMysteryBox is available until Sunday, February 15 from 5pm-11pm! So drop by at BGC High Street in front of Fully Booked and celebrate love with #DentisteKiss!

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator