Salem Elite Collection: EMERY, GENESEE, EMPERESE, and ROYALTY

SALEM Elite Collection

Get a closer look and discover, as SALEM, a known brand for mattreses launched the bed of both worlds featuring comfort and class with its 4 newest mattresses under the Salem Elite Collection…. EMERY, GENESEE, EMPERESE, and ROYALTY. 

Offering the latest in sleep technology and using the finest materials alongside first rate manufcturing techniques and practices, the new face of comfort comes to life.

Learn more about each Salem’s Elite Collection matresses as you read along

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Emery is the introductory piece in the Elite Collection designed with a charming mix of vibrant and neutral shades. It has a single layer of 6 inches pocketed springs  made of high grade metal with protective coating that reaches up to 1000 coil count which provides ample support. It is also made out of high density polyurethane foam for better cushioning. The sides and corner support wires are also equipped with butterfly stabilizers to prevent sagging. The pillow top design uses a memory foam top panel and 7-zoneconvoluted latex pillow top covered with a British Standard knit treated with Silverfresh.

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This 11-inch thick mattress is especially made for young professionals so they can sleep in luxury with their hard-earned money. With its cozy surface perfected with Salem’s time-tested craftmanship. It has 1,200 coil count to ensure proper pressure point support.

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 Emperesse mattress is a eurotop type hybrid mattress which emulates the charm of the greek godesses and oozes with class and finesse. It has 1,500 coil count and  is 12 inches thick and guaranteeing a superb back support through it’s linear pocketed spring system. It also has memory foam quilted top panel with covering made of technologically advanced smart knit fabric from Belgium.

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Among all the mattresses under Salem’s Elite Collection, this one is my personal favorite. When I tested it by sitting and lying down, I don’t want to get up anymore. Hahaha! Royalty mattress will truly redifine your sleep through its 14-inch thick elegance and comfort. It has linear pocketed system using barrel shaped coil that reaches up to 1500 coil count cushioned with high density polyurethane foam and bonded polyester fiber for bottom support. Royalty mattress’ box top is made from layers of 7-zone convoluted latex and two more layers of 100% perforted latex. It’s quilted cover is made ActiProtreated smart knit fabric padded with memory foam. This marvelous masterpiece can truy give you an unsurpassable sleeping experience.

Here’s the list of prices for SALEM’s Elite Collection (SM Home)

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 For years, SALEM has been synonymous to comfort and quality with the kind of mattress they are producing, making it one of the acclaimed players in the field. SALEM’s Elite Collection really exudes the best of both worlds because of it’s simplicity and elegance giving different market a good choice for mattress.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator