Residence Inn Tagaytay: Where Learning, Experience And Enjoyment Are Achieved

Residence Inn Tagaytay: Where Learning, Experience And Enjoyment Are Achieved

Animal encounter continues… After our trip to PARADIZOO Theme Farm, our group  headed to Residence Inn Tagaytay where another kind of adventure is in store for us.

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Outside the Residence Inn Tagaytay, fronting entrance, There’s an area for horse back riding for just Php50.00 per head for three rounds.

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Wide selections of souvenir items are also being sold outside.

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At the entrance, Animal Chow are being sold. Please be reminded that you cannot feed the animals inside food other than this one.

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First animal encounter was this tiger sitting on a wooden bench. You can have your picture taken for a certain fee. Cute kitty… kitty… kitty!

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 Then we went inside the  SERPENTARIUM where different species are found. Feast your eyes with different water creatures, and land creatures..

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And more animals outside… at the ZOO GROUND.

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A Souvenir shop is located near the Animal show area where you can buy stuffs as souvenirs of your Residence Inn Tagaytay adventure.

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Have a memorable dining experience at Residence Inn Tagaytay’s Viewdeck Restaurant where you can order different dishes.

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Enjoy eating while appreciating the beauty of nature in an overlooking dining area where you can see the Taal volcano and nearby places.

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Just in case your gadget’s battery is empty or low-batt, there’s a FREE charging station within the dining area. Just make sure that  you have  your charger with you.

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Animal show at Residence Inn Tagaytay  is something to look forward to.

Residence Inn Tagaytay practices environmental conservation by practicing REUSE-REDUCE-RECYCLE-REFUSE to observe and preserve the general welfare of the environment. Residence  Inn tagaytay staff entertained the audience using improvised instruments made from recycable materials.

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Cute, adorable, and creepy animals are there including insects. Audience can participate and can interact with the showcased animal.  First, the host will call for a volunteer, then he will ask the volunteer to position his or her hand in a certain way. Unaware of what animal he or she will encounter, the host will give some facts and will call out the animal. Audience can participate and can interact with the showcased animal.

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Then the host, called for a couple of volunteers. One Male and One Female. So me and my fiancee’ volunteered. The host asked us to position our hands on a certain way just like the other volunteers. I’m excited. I was expecting something big, or long… but I was wrong. When the host asked us if we know fear factor?, I started to feel nervous waaaaaah!

Then the host called out the name … Madagascar Cockroach. OH NO!!!!! you can have me hold anything but not cockroaches huhuhu. But I have to face my fear. I can’t back out this time.

I survived! HAHAHA! but I can feel my hands shaking, cold and I’m teary-eyed. I’m really afraid of this creepy creature!

animal show5

(Thank you Rendell Belen for taking the above photo of me holding the cockroaches)

This adorable pig ends it all.

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After the Animal show, audience were able to take photos of the artists of the show… I was able to have my photo taken with one of the stars…

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After the photo opportunity we headed to one of the best attractions in Resdence Inn Tagaytay… the ZIP Line and Cable Car for only Php150 per ride.

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Even though I’m afraid of heights, I wouldn’t miss the chance of experiencing this kind of thrill. So Me and Rey tried it. Both of us were first timers hehehe.

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Thanks Rendell Belen for taking our photos while doing the Zipline.

animal show2

animal show3

animal show4

And a cable car ride back where we came from.

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It was really a very exciting day for me. Being able to interact with different animals and creatures made me love the nature more and appreciate what God has created. Bring your family, friends and loved ones and experience the fun!

Just in case I missed doing something during my tour here’s the list of what you can do during your vist at Residence Inn Tagaytay.

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 For more information you may visit Zoomanity Group Website:

Or call  8999828 or 08.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator