Rise of a Ground-Breaking Artist…Somedaydream

Rez Toledo… also known as the one-man band “Somedaydream” is the first ever electro-synth Pop artist in the Philippines. Wow! It is our pride to have this kind of artist bringing a different style of music in the OPM  industry.

His hit single “Hey Daydreamer” got the #1 spot of both Pinoy MYX Countdown and MYX Hit Charts year-ender edition. He was given an award as “Song of the Year”  by radio station RX 93.1 and also made him “OPM Artist of the Year”.

Here’s the Music Video of Somedaydream’s “Hey Daydreamer”

“Hey Daydreamer”  become more popular as it is heard in the Cornetto ice cream commercial. Here it is…

What you don’t know about Somedaydream…(Source: Pinoy..your OPM music authority)

Name: Rez E. Toledo

Nickname: Rez

Birthday: November 28, 1990

Zodiac sign: Sagitarrius

Current residence: Katipunan/Marikina

Color of the eyes: Black

Height:  5ft 9inches

School: Ateneo De Manila University High School


  • Somedaydream is the ambassador of Bose’ and Terranova Clothing line.
  • His favorite artists Jason Miraz, Daft Punk, Luis Dubuc, Adam Young and David Guetta.
  • What makes somedaydream smile are: Music, food, girls, friends, dreamers.
  • Most Romantic songs for Somedaydream are: Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz, So Close by Jon Mclaughlin, The Thoughts That Gives Me The Creeps by Hellogoodbye, If My Heart Was a House by Owl City and Into Your Arms by the Maine.
  • He got the “Sexy Guy award” last November 30, 2011.
  • The name of his manager was is Champ Lui-Pio the former vocalist of Hale.
  • The first ever gig that somedaydream ever played was Hallelujah by Bamboo with a base guitar.
  •  Somedaydream writes his own songs.
  • How do Somedaydream unwind? Aside from doing music, he play video games and go out with friends.
  • KFC is Somedaydream’s favorite fastfood chain.
  • Somedaydream have allergies to changing room temperatures and changing weather.
  • Somedaydream is a night person.
Somedaydream 1st Blogger’s Meet up:
Rise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...Somedaydream
Rise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...SomedaydreamRise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...SomedaydreamRise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...SomedaydreamRise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...SomedaydreamRise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...SomedaydreamRise of a Ground-Breaking Artist...Somedaydream
Here are some of Somedaydream’s Preformances during the 1st Blogger’s meet up…

Somedaydream’s debut album is now out exclusively available in all Astroplus branches under Mecca Music and MCA Music. It is also available digitally via mymusicstore.com.ph for Php25 per song. You can also download Somedaydream’s song on your mobile phones, just text SD to 2346.
Please Grab a copy now!




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