Uratex: A Brand That Can Last A Lifetime

Uratex: A Brand That Can Last A Lifetime

Talking about “lifetime”… in just a few months, I’m gonna marry the man that I chose to spend the rest of my life with. Little by little, we begin collecting things that we will be needing after we say “I do” like appliances, furnitures and everything.


Another crucial thing to have is the “bed” that we will be using as we start our lives together as husband and wife. Ofcourse at the end of the day after one’s tiring work, it would be nice to sleep on a bed that will provide you a good and pleasant sleep, restful time, and body recovery time. Not just that, it also serves as a “neutral place” for marital relationship where you can talk about life like your daily experiences, your success, failures,and everything under the sun.

uratex bed gbt(That’s us!…Rey and I are trying out Uratex’s Hamptons Mattress and we love it! We definitely would love to have one.)

Rey and I are both satisfied Uratex users in our respective homes. Well as for me, for almost 6 years, I am still enjoying and very much happy with the Uratex Purifoam Mattress that my parents bought for me(Picture below). Actually, ALL our beds are holding Uratex Mattress and from the moment my parents bought these mattresses until now, the quality did not change. This is the very reason why our family trust Uratex.



This made me wonder how Uratex mattresses are made. And I am just thankful enough to be able to take a tour inside Uratex’s facility in Muntinlupa and witnessed how each Uratex foam were made to perfection.

Each batch of Uratex Foam undergoes a series of process, starting from the mixing of chemicals, cooling, heating etc.

After making the perfect concuction for the Uratex foam, it is then brought to the Foaming area.

Foaming Area

I really can’t believe it how the liquid form transformed into a warm, big, well formed Uratex foam in just minutes. Amazing!. When you touch the outside part it’s just warm but according to the personnel, it’s really deadly hot in the middle where the temperature is up to more than 200 degrees celcius. whew! that’s hot!

uratex gbt 1

Cutting Area

This is the area where Uratex Foams are cut into different sizes depending on the type of Uratex foam product. Oh boy! do not get near those cutters!. These cutters are really sharp and it can easily cut a part of you. Sharp as it is, I am amazed with the precision of cutting of these machines. Superb!

uratex gbt 4

uratex gbt 5

uratex gbt 6

Packing Area

All perfectly cut Uratex foams are brought to this area for packing.

How will you know if you bought authentic Uratex Foam? The foam should bear a seal with serial number, manufacturing date, and product description. This seal will also serve as your warranty/guarantee card just in case of return or unit replacement so please do not remove or tamper it.

uratex gbt 8

uratex gbt 9

Uratex’s Reaserch and Development Facility

Uratex’s Reaserch and Development Department  is where all the foam studies happen, this is also where they  analyze foam’s compression, resiliency and other important factors to make sure that Uratex foam conforms to the latest international standards.

Uratex Philippines uses Qulai 5 Cellular Technology to ensure that all Uratex foams produced by the company are high and world class quality.

FACT CHECK: Did you know?

Uratex’s Reaserch and Development facility is the only certified foam testing laboratory in the Philippines.

uratex gbt 10

Uratex Philippines in Muntinlupa also has a Retail showroom where consumers can go and buy Uratex products. Through the years, Uratex has evolved and started manufacturing other products such as plastics, springs, fabrics and metals that can be useful in our everyday lives may it be indoors or outdoors.

uratex gbt 11

Inside Uratex Retail Showroom is a vast selection of Uratex products that will surely be a big help in our daily lives.

uratex gbt 14

Choose from dfferent mattress sizes and designs according to your preference.

uratex gbt 12

There’s also a Uratex mattress showroom where different premium and high quality mattresses are available. You can actually sit, lie down and feel each mattress and choose which one suits your taste.

uratex gbt 16

Sofa to relax while watching your favorite movie or while reading your favorite book.

uratex gbt 15

Play place for safe playtime for kids.

uratex gbt 19

A dining set to enjoy your favorite home-cooked meal.

uratex gbt 18

Different chair designs are also available for you to choose from  according to your taste.

uratex gbt 17

So that’s the end of our tour.

Going back to my “lifetime” story….

According to studies, one-third of your life will be spent in bed. For me and Rey, comfort is the most important factor next is quality,durability, and affordability. That is why choosing and deciding what mattress that we will use and trust when we get married is very crucial.

Well, in our case, we have tested the quality of Uratex matress in our own respective homes and the fact that we saw how Uratex foams are made, there is  no doubt that we will choose Uratex mattress for our bed. Our trusted foam brand for so many years.

 Where our good nights and good mornings will happen. 🙂

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com