Royal Canin Pet Shop University: Making A Better World For Pets

Royal Canin Pet Shop University

I’m an animal lover eversince, specifically dogs and cats. And if given a chance, I would want to have my own pet shop or my very own big area where my dogs and cats can freely roam around and interact with each other. But of course in order to do that, I need to learn a lot and gain skills to understand more the nature of a pet shop business, how to make it work and  how to take care of these lovely creatures properly.

Royal Canin Pet Shop University




And what a perfect timing because last November 9 at SMX Aura Convention Center, Royal Canin, one of Mars, Inc. billion-dollar subsidiaries, opened the Royal Canin Pet Shop University and were attended by existing and potential retailers and were taught with professional training solutions that will help them improve business practices and strengthen their specialized image. Royal Canin Pet Shop University was born and driven by Mars Pet care’s vision to make ‘A Better World for Pets.

Royal Canin Pet Shop University

Mr. Armando Bartolome, President of GMB Franchise Developments spoke about financial management; Ms. Lourdes Guzman, President of Global Procure-IT shared how to develop proper inventory management; Dr. Leonardo Garcia, a dean in the College of Business Administration of Lyceum of the Philippne and a professional lecturer in De La Salle University gave points on how to win in the marketing war.

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During the clustered sessions, Royal Canin Pet Shop University students were able to learn the following from high-caliber speakers from various fields of supply chain, marketing and finance and shared their expertise of basic business concepts to participants:

  • Guide to Financial Management
  • Effective Inventory Managaement.
  • Cost Effective Marketing Tools.
  • Merchandising.

As any user of the brand would know, Royal Canin’s nutritional product lines are very extensive and structured. They are reaching such a degree of precision and technicality that, to market them, you especially need supporting advice and services. One of Royal Canin’s fundamental values of “Dog and Cat First” is what has imposed the choice of specialized distribution made by the company since its founding more than 45 years ago. Products whether for a specific breed, life stage and size may be found in specialist stores or pet shops. Meanwhile, for dogs and cats requiring medical attention or special diets, prescription products are available in veterinary clinics.

Royal Canin Pet Shop University

Royal Canin, whose headquarters lies at the south of France, truly believes that the knowledge and expertise and veterinarians as well as the specialist retailers’ expert advice are indispensable to accompany an ever more specific nutritional offer and meet the demands of owners who pay ever more attention to the well-being and health of their pets. It is in those reasons why Pet Shop University was conceptualized. Royal Canin wanted to elevate business practices of their retailers and that they would be able to make them realize that there is a true potential in this industry that goes beyond their hobby that stemmed out from being a breeder or a regular pet lover.

Innovation plays a major role that unites Royal Canin and its specialized partners. They are not just leaders in launching new diets for specific needs but also providing tools to help their retailers grow, because their partners’ growth is also their success. This partnership with specialists is an essential driving force behind the company’s growth and stands as a commitment against any tendency of their offer to become commonplace. Even before mounting the Pet Shop University, Royal Canin has strongly supported its trade partners by providing them with training, merchandising, promotional activities and, more generally, sales aids. Without forgetting, of course, knowledge sharing through many publications, scientific works, congresses or forums.

Nevertheless, beyond innovation and highly effective nutritional answers, differentiation also relies on choice, advice and services. Such a hyper specialization of Royal Canin’s partners is a major asset and stands as a formidable lever for their development.

For more information about Royal Canin’s Pet Shop University, you may reach:

BLESSIE C. ZARZUELA(Marketing Manager of Royal Canin Philippines)

Tel. # 02 817 9443/ 0917. 5905844

Email: blessie.



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