Choose The Prize You Want With Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo

#ChooseFresh promo

Mentos, one of the most iconic Global candy brands that has kept Filipinos fresh through the years has something cool in store for you. Since summer has officially began, Mentos will help you beat the heat, and open your mind up to fresh possibilities,  as they launch their nationwide promo… The Mentos #ChooseFresh!

Choose The Prize You Want With Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo

Running from April 18 – May 31, 2021, Mentos #ChooseFresh is the first ever promo where you can choose the prize you want! Take your pick between the exciting pair of prizes for the week! If you’re a movie buff, a one-month Netflix subscription to catch the hottest summer movies, but if you’re a music-lover, a one-month iTunes subscription to keep you up to date with fresh summer hits!

Choose The Prize You Want With Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo

Every week, the prizes get bigger and bigger! Plus, lucky grand prize winners can choose the getaway that suits them – a refreshing mountain view holiday in Manor Hotel Baguio or a sunny escape in Acuaverde Beach Resort Batangas!

HOW TO JOIN THE Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo?

Choose The Prize You Want With Mentos #ChooseFresh Promo

1.Purchase your favorite roll of Mentos in any flavor at your nearest grocery, convenience store or even Lazada or Shopee!


2. Visit the official Mentos Philippines promo website to complete your entry and CHOOSE what prize you want to win every week!

3. Don’t forget to keep your official receipt as proof of your entry! 


#ChooseFresh this summer with Mentos and open up to Fresh possibilities.For more details on the Mentos #ChooseFresh promo, visit the Mentos Philippines’ Facebook page, log on to or scan the QR below.

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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/