Have you watch the latest online video from Air Asia Philippines? Bring out some tissues and prepare to wipe your tears, because this video will definitely melt your heart. ❤️

Upon watching this short film entitled “Magnet”, I can’t stop myself from crying especially the part when the son said “Kaya bago pa liparin ng hangin ang pangarap niya, ililipad ko na siya”. Huhuhu. What a tear-jerker!. 

MAGNET: A Story of Giving Back

Just like the mother in this Magnet story, my mom also sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings just to provide our needs and for us to have a better future.-Without asking and expecting something in return. I know there are a lot of things that she wants to have for herself. But she had to set it aside because it is us who are her priority. (Argh! I’m literally crying right now😭 while writing this).

I owe my life to my mom. If only I can give her the world, I would. But of course, I can only do so much. In my own little and special way, i will make her feel loved and appreciated.

How about you? How would you give back?


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/