Mountain Dew Ice “Mas cool” Campaign Parody Videos Stars Brand Ambassador James Reid

Mountain Dew Ice

Have you seen the Mountain Dew Ice “Mas cool” campaign parody videos already?

A little over a year ago, many of us might have spent more hours than usual scrolling on social media and increasing our screen time than ever before. While we still enjoy fresh and entertaining content, some have become repetitive and boring. Understanding this dilemma, Mountain Dew Ice, one of the leading refreshment drinks in the country, launches a new campaign… mas cool pag may Mountain Dew Ice!” 

Mountain Dew Ice "Mas cool" Campaign Parody Videos Stars Brand Ambassador James Reid

The newest campaign aims to give a refreshing and cooler twist to the usual content we all see on social media. With the help of Mountain Dew Ice ambassador’s James Reid, he takes the spotlight in three viral videos and puts a cool twist to it.

First of the series is a callback to the viral video where a student was caught by his professor playing a game during an online class. The second video pays homage to the cliché (yet kilig) moments from our favorite K-dramas (keep an eye out for James Reid’s new look!). And lastly, the third video features the ultra-viral “me and my jowa” challenge that garnered over 56 million views on TikTok as of this writing.

Get ready to laugh out loud all over again as James refreshes these short videos and gives them his brand of cool. Whatever you do, wherever you are, say it with us—”mas cool pag may Mountain Dew Ice!”


For more details, visit Mountain Dew Philippines on Facebook and @mountaindewph on Instagram. 

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator/