Over 1,600 Sustainable Choices Available As Watsons Collaborates With Global Partners

Sustainable Choices

Now we are gonna enjoy more brands as we go to Watsons stores and online, as the brand is proud to announce the launch of over 1,600 Sustainable Choices products. The launch is the result of close collaboration with global supplier partners, including sector leaders Beiersdorf, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Kao, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt, Shiseido and Unilever.

“Many customers started to rethink their priorities due to the pandemic and they’re very much aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and society. We’ve been working closely with our strategic supplier partners to offer a wide range of Sustainable Choices products – everything from skincare to shampoo – making it easier for customers to make purchase decisions that contribute to a better world for all. We want to build a sustainable mindset and behavior together with our customers in their daily personal care and beauty needs. It’s the start of an exciting journey of a three-way partnership with our strategic supplier partners and our customers to make an impact,” Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe).

Watsons Goes Green

Over 1,600 Sustainable Choices Available As Watsons Collaborates With Global Partners

These products are easy to be identified at Watsons stores, and the Sustainable Choices section in the Watsons online store helps customers to quickly find the products that best suit their needs.

Ngai continues, “Watsons O+O (Offline plus Online) retail strategy enables us to draw on our scale and technology as we develop new initiatives. A Sustainable Choices section was soft launched earlier this year, the sales of some products have already soared by up to 300%. This indicates clearly that customers are looking for sustainable products, hence it’s our mission to make them available and easy to browse for them. Sustainable Choices products can now be found with just a click. We hope that by making it easier to choose wisely, more customers will be motivated to do the right things, for themselves and for the planer. The initial customer response is hugely encouraging, and we’re sure our customers will love our wider range of sustainable products.”

The Power of Sustainable Partnerships

Over 1,600 Sustainable Choices Available As Watsons Collaborates With Global Partners

Watsons partnership with its suppliers go beyond the product range. In fact, we’ve been teaming up with them on a range of sustainability-related initiatives.

In Watsons Hong Kong, we’ve just launched “Plastic Reborn” campaign with P&G, a three-year commitment to reward customers with free gifts in return for bringing in empty personal care plastic bottles from any brand for recycling. Already, around 3,400kg of plastic has been recycled since February.

“We look forward to Plastic Reborn becoming an integral part of Hong Kong’s circular economy, and will build the programme so that each year, the difference we make gets bigger and bigger,” says Yvette Fan, Managing Director and Vice President of Procter & Gamble Hong Kong.

Watsons China has teamed up with Unilever to promote the launch of the Dove Botanical skincare range, telling the story behind the products’ ingredients both in stores and online to encourage take-up of Clean Beauty. The three promoted products have already been flying off the shelves, with over 40% year-on-year growth.

“It’s heartening to see customers enjoying these products, doing something great for themselves and the planet. We are very happy to collaborate with Watsons to promote Clean Beauty and sustainable business growth,” says Arthur Li, Beauty Channel Director of Unilever.

In Watsons Thailand, customers can recycle PET plastic bottles at the “Garnier Refun Machine” in stores and earn a free Garnier Pink Micellar Water in return.

“Building a Green Beauty World is an essential part of the purpose of Garnier. To achieve this goal, we need a wide range of stakeholders to join us on this journey. I am delighted that Watsons Thailand is our first partner to demonstrate its vision and commitment to sustainability,” says Ines Caldeira, CEO of L’Oréal Thailand, Myanmar, Laos & Cambodia.

Watsons Philippines and Unilever will be preventing the equivalent of 2.5M bottles from entering the ocean, made possible by our partnership with Plastic Bank. This collaboration not only supports plastic recycling but also provides livelihood for Plastic Bank’s registered collectors.

“Together with Watsons, our trusted and valued partner, we continue to reach millions of Filipinos. Our Gift for Good campaign this Christmas season will allow us to team up with Watsons to support their beneficiaries, through our brands such as Dove, St. Ives, and Love Beauty & Planet. Through this campaign, we can celebrate the season with purpose, while making sustainable living commonplace for our shoppers,” said Bo Rodriguez, Channels of the Future Manager and AS Watson Asia Commercial Lead of Unilever Philippines.

Ngai reinforces, “The launch of Sustainable Choices reflects the strength of our collaboration with supplier partners and our connectivity with consumers. We understand that our responsibilities go beyond the health and beauty products we provide so we’re committed to using our influence to inspire behavioural change that leads to a more sustainable world.”

Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com