SM City Baguio To Install Rainwater Catchment Tanks

SM City Baguio To Install Rainwater Catchment Tanks

Global warming has been of great effect to us. Have you noticed that storms nowadays are getting stronger and stronger?.


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Philippines is surrounded with seas where storms are mostly forming from. Sadly, our country is  very prone to be hit by these violent weather conditions which we definitely cannot prevent. Whenever a typhoon hits our country, there would always be flood in few or several areas which until now is our government’s unresolved problem.

Baguio Storm Helen

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One example is Baguio City. Despite it’s elevated geographical location,  it was submerged to floodwater when Tropical storm Helen hit the country. Another one was in 2013 when Typhoon Labuyo mirrored the devastation leaving houses and establishments under floodwater.

sm masinag Rainwater carchment tank

SM Malls saw this dilemma and came up with the idea to convert rain water to something useful through the use of rainwater catchment tanks which is now already being implemented and proven helpful in SM Mall branches like SM Masinag in Antipolo and SM BF in Parañaque.

These rainwater catchment tanks will be of great use. It serves the purpose of storing rainwater that can be used for irrigation, watering of plants and other non-potable uses.

SM in Baguio City also proposed a  similar solution. Instead of sourcing most of its water requirements from the local water district, the mall plans to build a rainwater catchment tank at SM Baguio to capture rainwater. Then after teating the water through a sewage treatment plant, the rainwater will be reused by the mall in its operation like the ones I said earlier. These rainwater catchment tanks will at least reduce significant floodwater volume that can cause significant damages to households and businesses.


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Note: You can actually do your own rainwater catchment tanks/basins and recycle rainwater in your own home. Just don’t forget to cover it up to prevent mosquitos from breeding in. 🙂

These simple and helpful ways might actually be part of the solution to our country’s most immediate and pressing flooding problems. What do you think? 🙂

Written by Cristelle Torres
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