Whip Out Your Silka Papaya Lotion For That Bagong Araw Bagong Awra Look!

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Because of the pandemic, we’ve been stuck at home for so long. We can’t travel, we have to follow lots of health protocols. Ang daming bawal! There were times that buying meds and food were the only things allowed. School was virtual. WFH was the norm. Since we stayed in, we kinda let things go, and maybe,  we let ourselves go, as we haven’t been feeling or looking our best. Haggard is a word that comes to mind – and woah, who wants that, right?

But now, things are looking up! starting to go back to normal. The malls, the beaches, the schools and offices are open, the world is ready again for us! But! how ready will you be for the world?

Whip Out Your Silka Papaya Lotion For That Bagong Araw Bagong Awra Look!

Bagong Araw Bagong Awra! Whip out your Silka Papaya Lotion and be Awra ready,girls!

Step up, step out! Silka, the makers of the #1 beauty soap in the Philippines, has just the thing for you, as it’s your time to awra! With Silka Papaya Lotion, As they say, confidence starts when you’re comfortable in your own skin. But the brand says, confidence is indeed skin deep with Silka Papaya Lotion with Papaya Enzyme and Nutriblend complex with 5 Vitamins (Vitamin B3/Niacinamide,Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E) that will keep our skin healthy. It also lightens, moisturizes and protects your skin from the sun with SPF-6. Thanks to its Vita-absorb technology, it’s not sticky at all on your skin, and in this tropical country, that’s a big plus!

And feel free to love that delicate fruity Papaya scent! Use it regularly and find yourself getting fairer, smoother, with healthier-looking skin talaga! But most of all, splurge without straining your pockets, as it’s so affordable! Saan ka pa!

There’s a Silka Papaya lotion to fit your vibe and style! Always on the run or on the go – then reach out for the 10mL and 50mL options at 7 Pesos and 35 Pesos SRP. The 100mL for 60 Pesos or 200mL for 107 Pesos SRP. Not only that, there’s just more of Silka Papaya Lotion to love with the Silka Papaya Lotion and 500mL option at 215 Pesos SRP – sure to last you longer.

As the world opens itself again, feel your best, look your best and be rampa ready. It’s time – nothing can stop you! BAGONG ARAW, BAGONG AWRA with SILKA PAPAYA LOTION!


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Written by Cristelle Torres
Online Content Creator www.GirlandBoyThing.com